The Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 smartphones were recently launched by Infinix mobility in India with exclusive features. Though, they were over-hyped but there are some intriguing features that would make you never look back twice in purchasing the phone. Those wonderful features will be highlighted in this article.

  1. It comes with 6GB Super RAM.
  2. Has an optical zoom.
  3. Has Dual back cameras.
  4. Bring the world closer to you with digital zoom of up to 10x.
  5. Feel the world in your hand, see the world in a new way.
  6. Capture and seize every moment in your life in real time.
  7. It is crafted with a smooth design and elegant metal texture.
  8. Infinix Zero 5 pursues equisite artistry.
  9. Zero 5 reflects passion for Improvement.
  10. Redefined cameras with sharp 5.98 inches plus FHD display (1920x1080p) designed to consume less battery.
  11. The Zero 5 has the corning gorilla glass 3.
  12. The smooth screen is designed with anti-scratch abilities that makes phone screen appear new always.
  13. The ZERO 5 is designed to take superior quality images even in POTRAIT MODE with better focus and zoom ability to create piece out of every World Class Snapshots.
  14. Take your photoshoot game to the next level with the 6P+5P Lens, F2.0 aperture and 2.6X telephoto Lens.
  15. Now you can get the best of every Snapshot.
  16. The ZERO comes with Dual Camera.
  17. The ZERO 5 is faster than fast with 6GB RAM.
  18. The ZERO 5 has zero time lag when Multitasking or using Apps.
  19. It is equipped with X-Charge for Fastest Charging experience and unlimited capacity guaranty success.
  20. The ZERO 5 has a 16MP 4 IN 1 selfie camera with Flash LED.
  21. It has a strong processing ability.
  22. It is powered by Helio P25 to meet users expectations of dual camera, optimize snapshots and great user experience.
  23. ZERO 5 is the perfect assistance for your everyday Lifestyle.
  24. It is designed with anti-theft system.
  25. Has the flexible split-screen mode. It is new Smart interaction Phone.
  26. It is the Real Most Valuable Phone MVP.

They are available at a cheaper rate, the Infinix Zero 5 cost N99,000 while the Infinix Zero 5 Pro cost N105k – N110,000 in Nigeria.

You can also view their full specifications via   here

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