3 Reasons Why Android Phones Is Superior Than iOS

Before I begin this debate, iOS users should consider Android phone as the king in customization. The verbal confrontation of debating over iOS and Android devices closes here. If you are preparing to buy a new smartphone, Android should be your main priority. I will show you the main reasons below.

1. Price – Android phones are more cheaper than the so-called iOS devices which price keep increasing on any version released. The cost of cell phone and applications, you will spare a considerable amount of cash with Android. In actuality, a large portion of Android applications are available for free.

2. Customization – What you need to lean toward in Android is completely customization. If you need to keep applications in various areas, keep running on various programming program, introduce ROM, or put in new equipment program. In iOS, you are restricted and to a great degree constrained, you can only utilize their projects programming. In Android, you can go ahead and pick what you like, how you need to see and utilize it, and set your gadgets any way you want it.

3. You pick your OS – In Android, you can include other expandable highlights such as ROM. Infact, you can even introduce the OS of decision. Shape sailfish to Firefox, the decision is yours.

Android offers more exclusive features which the iOS offers in diverse ways. If you need to save your money, go for the Android.

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  1. Dear admin, ios phones are very Superior and very secure, they also have good processor and wow camera and are mostly light in weight.
    But their price always sky rocket in each version.
    But i agree with u in android os cus i really really love android…….. it's cheaper and easier to handle and customize…….thumbs up for Android jhor…

  2. Security? All those celebrities that are hacked usually use iOS. iOS devices are not the best in camera anymore, that's Google pixel. Processor: a recent study has revealed android os more stable with less app crashes than iOS. iOS na just hype like blackberry was.

  3. what a clear fact listed below. The three points are unarguable because almost Everyone (larger percentage of Nigerians) uses an android phone, I personally can testify to those facts.
    This is quite amazing.

  4. Who's even saying android is cheaper? Well android have more variety to choose from so i will admit the cheaper partially. But each time i hear android, the only thing that comes to mind is Samsung. If you are comparing Samsung to Apple, i will say Samsung anyday. Because samsung parts can buy some iphones talkless of the Samsung phones themselves. They rival apple in terms of price, quality, reputation e.t.c. imagine a Samsung phone still selling for around 300000 naira even when there are other makers of cheaper android to choose from. Imagine how much their phones will be if they were the only manufacturer of android, maybe a million naira plus. The only reason apple seem more advanced is because their os is not open source and they are the only makers of iphones. If Samsung were the only manufacturers of android, apple won't be heard of.

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