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3 Solid Reasons Why Android Is Far Better Than iPhone

This article headline might shocked or surprise you but this content will definitely give you the best three reasons why android is far better than iPhone. It is of no doubt that android and iPhone are the two populous smartphones reigning with different features updates daily and at high demand in the mobile market. But currently, android seems to be the most popular phone at high demand in the market but to cut the story short, below is the three main reasons why android is better than iPhone.

Three Solid Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

1. Affordability: When it comes to buying of cheap and affordable phone, android should be the first to consider because if you need an iOS phone, even 100k might not be able to afford it but with just 10,000naira, you can buy quality android phone with perfect features.

2. Faster Technology Advancement and Upgrade: When it comes to upgrade, android are the best and fast because Google developed it and gave other manufacturers ability to made devices with the OS (operating system) unlike iPhone which are only made by Apple. From android kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and more are still coming.

3. Sharing Files Made Easier With Other Devices: The iPhone users will attest to this that is not easy sharing file from iPhone to other devices or even from iPhone to iPhone. Assuming, i have ‘Facebook app’ on my phone, it will be very difficult to send the app from my iPhone to other users but if is android, you only need Xender app, Blutooth, infra-red and some other related sharing app and your transfer is done successfully. To connect to a computer on iPhone, requires iTune software while android only requires USB cord and you are done.

You can also drop your opinion or comments concerning these points in the comment box below, if you found this thought-provoking or interesting.


  1. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real June 19, 2017

    yes this is really true very solid advantage nc write up

  2. Ogunleye Olusola Ogunleye Olusola June 19, 2017

    IPhone is meant for rich people who do not know where to throw their money.The only advantage that iOS has is security with regard to money and secrecy which may not be a problem for ordinary people who do not have much to hide.I use to laugh at some Nigerians who spend a lot of money to Purchase iPhone but later discovered that it is practically useless to them and within a few months start looking for someone to buy it off while they quickly revert to android.Android is the most commonly used around the world becos it is compatible with other gadgets in the market.


    U can also tweak and use custom ROM when ur android is rooted, most android now comes with bigger battery unlike iPhone

  4. Jeftech Jeftech June 20, 2017

    Even though I have the money to buy iPhone I won't
    Android is still the best

  5. meeky bash meeky bash June 20, 2017

    I think iphone is useless because the first day my bross gave the phone to me i thought is thesame think like android till i start operating it, what really pains me that day is that no whatsapp app on it untill i discover that it is quit difficult to send app from other phone to it. so i think android is preferable and easy to use and is the best smart phone. Those that waste their money on iphone i tink is jst for fun nd the world name IPHONE.

    tnks for the update bravo.

  6. Bright Bright June 20, 2017

    man you guys have said it all. I wasn't shocked or surprised to see this post. it's obvious that Android is better than IPhone. As they earlier said IPhones are for the rich who don't know where to throw their money. many a person use iPhone just to raise their shoulders

  7. Akinremi Seun Akinremi Seun June 20, 2017

    Iphone is just for showoff..
    Android device is to customize, thats enough for me.
    Proud to be an android owner

  8. Olaoye Abiodun Olaoye Abiodun June 20, 2017

    Iphone is lagless while no matter the RAM or processor capacity Android will still lag That's just where iPhone is better that Android

    Though I still fancy android


    Am confuse he made mention of four solid reasons but later gave three were is the remaining one reason..??

  10. meeky bash meeky bash June 20, 2017

    See the headline of the post, if u see such like four reason while android is better than iphone i tink is a mistake!

  11. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf June 20, 2017

    in addition to eat oga prex has said,android is just too easy and simple to operate Even if you are a novice, d system and app icons are so easy to recognize, also its very easy 2 repair android phone when faulty but iPhone, one will av to spend a fortune to get it working

  12. Lekan Lekan June 20, 2017

    Oooooohhhh thumbs up for this post. I really like the proves wow android users, we are the best in the world

  13. Lorenzo Lorenzo June 20, 2017

    I wonder why people are going for iPhone.. Well, it's a choice but I prefer android. GEE boys are using it most

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