Losing an important phone is what everyone don’t pray for because it will of course inflict pain on the person but you must have fallen victim in one way or the other. In this article, you will be acquainted on how to track it back.

When you lost your phone in some circumstances, looking for it is so frustrating and it might have simply tucked in some places, out of your sight. Yet it’s also possible to lose your phone away from home or have it stolen from you.

In anyway, if you are much prepared before the mishaps, you can track up the phone in any locations using some important and useful tools.

Herr are some useful tools to help you find your missing or lost phones without much hassle.

1. Android Device Manager (ADM)

Google is one of the best tool used worldwide. Inasmuch, you have another phone, your e-mail address used in the lost phone, you have location turned on, internet access and device connected to Google, you will be able to locate your lost or missing smartphone.

Go to this website Android.com/find on your PC or other portable smartphones, log-in to the e-mail account connected to the lost phone and select the lost device in the list of smartphones.

Now, you can make the lost device ring or set password or pattern on it. You can also add a recovery message on the device e.g “If you have my device, please return it.“. You can also erase your data.

Moreover, you can download “Find my Device” app on Google playstore if you don’t have PC and this same method can be used on Apple to find missing phone.

2. Google Search

If your lost phone is linked to your Google account you can simply type “Find my device” on Google Search and select the first result. Then, you can make it or ring or use other recovery options like add a recovery message, use map to find it out and set password.

Google will then send a notification if your device has been located.

3. Third-party Apps

Apart from the popular Google find my device feature, you can also make use of third-party Apps other than the in-built Android device manager.

Most of the Third-party Apps can help you locate, lock and erase your data and set password on the lost phone. Some interesting features are also attached to make your search easier and faster. Family locatorCerberus Anti-theftand Lost Android are some popular apps used in searching for lost or missing smartphones.


If your device is stolen and the person perform a factory reset and turn it off, it may be impossible to use the above or previous methods in locating the phone. So, IMEI number method will be the only option in tracking up that device.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number method may need the help of your network operators and the law enforcement agencies to get this done successfully.

IMEI number can be gotten from the back of your smartphone pack near the battery compartment or simply dial *#06# and you are done.

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