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4 Dangerous Types Of Apps You Should Never Have On Your Phone

Android have a secured place where users can download applications, same with iOS devices but there are still many applications that when installed, it will make a phone misbehave, freeze and malfunction because of its works.

There are some follow-come Apps that when uninstalled, the phone misbehaves and there are some third-party apps that are still stubborn to uninstall because of its works, something like Kingroot and other start-up Apps.

However, that’s not the main purpose of this article. Now, in this article, your will be showed some types of apps you should uninstall before they finally damage your phone. You might not know they are destroying your phone because it takes them a gradual process before they can accomplish their job.

Types Of Apps You Should Uninstall

  1. Auto-start Apps – This type of app can destroy phone gradually and it also consumes RAM (random access memory) a lot by reducing the speed and performance of the smartphone. The Apps however, keeps running without permission, it has no value, it is not manufactured with the phone, it has no user permission and others. This type of app can be installed in most times especially when a friend introduce the app to you but you only look at the good side without checking out its disadvantages. You can resolve this issue by uninstalling the App. Go to Settings>>Apps>>All and click on the apps you wish to unistall and uninstall them.
  2. Apps with Ad – There is no difference between this type of Ads with Auto-start Apps because they are associated. After installation of Apps that has advertisements, you will keep seeing pictures that keeps popping out for you to play games and even automatically play videos for you. This type of Apps freezes phone, reduce the speed and performance of a smartphone, often times hinders your calls and other activities on your smartphone. They are dangerous to download because malware can also be attached to them, if care is not taken. You should uninstall them by going to Settings>>Apps>>All and click on the apps you wish to unistall and uninstall them.
  3. Mobile launcher – Well, mobile launchers are created and added to phone in order to make it neat and easy to navigate but some third-party launchers have adverse effect on smartphones as they are not best fit with slagging body and sometimes, force stops all applications and often times, gives warning messages of force closing. So, I will advice you to use the built-in mobile launcher because is best that suites your phone.
  4. Apps With Max Ram Requirements – This type of app can cause a lot of damages to phone. VPNs Apps are the type of Apps that consumes a lot of RAM because they are connected to the phone and often times, makes the phone to heat up. Not only that, games with Data + OBB can also consume a lot of data in one way or the other. You can’t clear it’s data because the game progress will clear, so do not uninstall it if your phone memory storage and RAM is not high enough. 

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  1. Nice update, keep it up

  2. I oppose 1 and 3
    Purify is a really good autostart app
    Nova Launcher is a light launcher

    2 and 4 is right… NYC post though

  3. Phone is boring Without all these app….
    The best is to get phone with higher ram…
    Good information tho

  4. Nice article I have like 3 app like let me go and do justice to dem

  5. It only have effect on your RAM I had to remove it and flash a SuperSU manually….The SuperSU doesn't seem to suck RAM at all

  6. what of apps like lucky patcher,does it av an adverse effect on ones phone when installed

  7. But most of these apps are those that make us enjoy our phones such as the VPNs,lucky patcher,game apps etc.I think we should look for another solutions to deal with them

  8. yes they have positive and negative effects. how do you install SuperSu manually

  9. Honestly u are right. After I got a pop up notification that I should disable kingroot on my infinix510, I noticed that some features attached to the phone are not working. My front camera ain't working again. Don't know if you have a post here that could solve d prob

  10. Adding external features will beautifies the phone. U mentioned luncher… Inbuilt launcher is not as beautiful as cm launcher or go launcher… Don't even know what to do because the tutorial is highly important

  11. The launchers consume ram and battery, so I dont use, I rather use inbuilt launchers

  12. Useful post, it helps thanx Prex for d update

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    This post is as same as mine.
    Why baba?
    You can view it here at

  14. Nice and helpful tips sir.
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  15. Nice one

    there are many of them

    but these are the major ones

    thumbs up bro

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