Have you ever think of a way to make money online but all thinking results vague? There are lots of ways to make money online but affiliate marketing stands out. It’s simply because the work is less strenuous and easier than other online making money methods.

It’s easy to get started with affiliate marketing. You just have to register on any of the top paying affiliate marketing websites and start referring users to them to earn money whenever any of your referred users purchases a product.

However, with patience and hardwork, you will make a lot of money from affiliate marketing especially if you have a unique place or platform where you refer people.

Top Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

1. Konga – The website is regarded as the second largest online store in Nigeria. Though, it was recently sold but the affiliate marketing is still intact. They pay 9% commission on every completed sale and the payment is always forwarded to your bank account on a monthly basis.

2. Jumia – In terms of revenue and monthly visits by buyer, Jumia is the foremost online store in Nigeria. Jumia runs an Affiliate program that offers 11% commission on any sale generated through your effort. Payments are made to bank account every end of the month.

3. DealDey – The website offers different amazing deals everyday. They run an affiliate program that offers 10% commission on every complete sale. Additionally, you will also get N500 on every sale through your promotion.

4. Payporte – This website is one of the visible online store in Nigeria. They run an affiliate marketing program that pays you up to 10% commission on every successful sale.

5. Kaymu – This website connects third party retailer who sell products on their website with buyers. They however handle all payments while the retailers handle the delivery. It offers a fixed 5% commission on every completed sale.

How to get Started

  • Register or signup on any of the websites above.

  • Generate your referrals link and share it to your audience on your created platform, such as Facebook page, forums or any other places you know your audience stays.

  • Then, any purchase they make will make you money, whereby certain amount of commission will be offered to you.

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You should promote what you know because choosing the product you know will help you in recommending the products to your audience.

Additionally, be selective. Before you join any affiliate marketing program, you should study the percentage rate, payment method and their terms and conditions. This will help you in promoting and receiving your money faster and easier without any form of complications.

Build trusts and be consistent in what you are doing. Create a platform and target your audience.

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