Torrenting is probably the coolest crime ever. It’s illegal since those multimillion dollar movies lose revenue of people are watching 4K quality files via free downloads, so governments are taking all the measures that they could be bothered with to try and stop people from using these services. As if anything that has been “banned” by the government went unused in the past. There is just no stopping the internet.

Anyway, debatable internet law enforcements aside, torrent downloaders are far from perfect. They are prone to a lot of errors. Now, an average internet surfer will definitely have committed a crime of downloading a music album or a movie via torrents. There are always a number of issues that came up from time to time, causing you to go about the internet, reading articles like this one, in an attempt to fix them. And that’s exactly what’s going to be here. There are hundreds of errors related to torrent such as torrent is not valid bencoding, bad data from tracker, permission denied & many more.

I am going to tell you about Five of the Most Common Torrent Errors & Their Solutions. Just read through this list and see if you find the problem that you are facing right now. There are easy solutions right after it. Let’s get straight to it then.

1. Bad data from tracker error

A tracker is a type of server which helps the peers by enabling them to communicate with one another. If a tracker has gone out of the define protocols of the torrent provider, then it is said to be a bad tracker. So naturally, the data that is returned from the tracker will be deemed as bad data.

Geek talk aside, what you need to do if you are faced with this error message is, close down the torrent downloader and restart it again. If the client side program is running in the background, which it normally does, close it and then star it back up fresh. This will usually fix the issue with the bad tracker data.

2. Windows cannot find content

If you are still getting one of these old school errors in 2018, happy 70th birthday granddad! This means that you are still running Windows XP. Windows returns an error saying that it cannot find the downloaded torrent file, even though you just downloaded it a few seconds ago. The reason is that the OS compresses the download files after it has reached a certain threshold of storing downloaded content.

To fix this crap, you just need to clear the temp files generate out of your internet browser. To do that, head over to control panel and go to internet options. There, click on delete under the browsing history. Alternatively, you can do this within the browser app itself. Just click on clear data and clear the history and the offloaded cookies, and of course, please upgrade to a newer Windows OS version. Then you’re set!

3. Permission denied

This occurs usually with an error code, something like (IOError – {Errno13}. This error usually occurs when your torrent download client was still in memory from the last session. To fix this problem, close the file that is currently looking for resources in the torrent app, and close the app itself. Go into the task manager of your system by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combination and close the app from the running services as well.

Relaunching any app usually fixes any small issues with its own functionality or with the external connectivity. Of course, you might’ve already known this from experience.

4. IP not registered to use Tracker

Usually, torrent files are pretty independent entities with no strings attached. But there are some torrent sites like limetorrentz, who watermark the crap out of their downloads. To avoid getting this message from your torrent client, you will have to be logged into their website while the download begins. Most sites avoid this issue by forcing you to log in before you are allowed to download the file in the first place.

If you are facing this issue in some rare case, just go back to the download link and log in to the server site once again. After a while, this message should go away and the download should start as usual.

5. Redownloading due to failed hashcheck

Hashcheck is nothing but verification whether the packet which is being downloaded belongs to the proper file cluster or not. If there was some IP clash and the client was downloading some wrong packets from an incorrect source, it has realised it and is re-downloading it from the proper source.

This is not exactly an error message. You don’t have to do anything to rectify this as everything is being automatically handled. If you are using a decent torrent client such as BitTorrernt, the new download will start on its own. But if you are using some other torrent app for whatever reason, the download may not begin and might stay paused. So when you get this error, check in the app that the file is being re-download without any issues. These were some of the common issues that users (myself included) face during torrenting. Stay safe out there, mate. Cheers!

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