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5 working steps to fix Android touch screen not working issue

Have you ever encounter any issue with your Android phone that the touch suddenly stopped working or sometimes fluctuate? If yes, your solution is right in this article.

If your Android touch is broken, you need to stop reading this post and meet an engineer for a fix but if your Android Touch suddenly stopped working like the Back button, Home button and Navigation button usually placed at the bottom of your phone display, then there’s actually a fix.

To be more specific, the Home button is a physical button, while the Back and Recent apps buttons are soft button, especially from most older Samsung phones and few brands like Lenovo utilizes the physical and soft touch button.

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Now, let’s see how to fix the Android Touch not working issue…

1. Restart the Phone: When you encounter the issue that results to the stop of your Android Touch screen, you can restart or reboot the phone.

Sometimes, after playing long game, the device might begins to misbehave due to too much logged in processes.

Just press the Power button for few seconds and when options are displayed, choose Restart or Reboot option.

2. Eject the SIM, Memory card and Battery: This fix is sometimes not necessary but your device Touch problem might be as a result of cloaking.

Just remove your battery, follow by your SIM and memory card. Wait for few seconds and re-insert the battery without the memory card and SIM.

If that fixes the Touch problem, insert your memory card and SIM but if otherwise, kindly note that your memory card is the culprit of the problem. It definitely need change.

3. Hard Reset the Android Phone: Hard reset simply means force shutting down a phone or laptop. Sometimes, when you power off a phone by force, a lot of issues got fixed up.

When your phone is active, just remove the battery without powering it off, but if your phone uses an inbuilt battery, kindly hold the power button till it shutdown by force without using the display options. And then power it on after few seconds.

4. Softly Knock the Touch Panel: This sounds weird and impractical but sometimes, it does fix the issue. Slightly knock the Touch panel of your phone. Here, I’m making reference to the bottom part of your phone.

Be careful, don’t go overboard because hitting it very hard can damage your phone than good.

5. Install Third Party Menu or Navigation button app: If all those methods above didn’t work, you are now left with one valid solution, which requires you to install a third party navigational app.

Install these two apps: Simple Control and Easy Touch. These two apps are available on Playstore or Appstore, so you don’t need to download them on third party websites. However, if you face Screen Overlay issue, just grant those apps permissions in your Phone Settings.

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Which of the step or method above fix the issue of your Android phone, kindly share your experience!


  1. Marveln Marveln May 13, 2018

    Mine does this i just press the power button to make it sleep nd press it to wake it up. Voila

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza May 14, 2018

    But what do you think could be the problem, even my too.. And of course It’s a new phone?! Me at times that’s my solution, putting it on sleep by pressing the power button and repress it again to awake.

  3. hassan hassan May 16, 2018

    Good to hear this and I think this going to be noted down but no one knows maybe I might experience this someday

  4. hussaini hussaini May 16, 2018

    Nice tutorials bro,I think my brother in school needs this urgently,let me quickly forward it to him asap.

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