Some 9mobile subscribers shows concern over the depletion of their data and the rising cost of the data bundle on Monday, in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

They cried that the depletion is causing a lot of damages to their works, businesses and even lead some to dump the network’s MiFi – a brand name used to describe a wireless router that acts as mobile WiFi hotspot.

See Complaints:

Mr Peter Okonkwo, a Journalist, said a 2GB data bundle which normally lasted for a month, suddenly last for 2 days.

“I only use the data for working. I normally open a portal to copy a document, shut it off and open again to post, only to get an alert within two days that the data had finished.

“This has happened on two occasions and the only solution left was to drop the network, since I am losing time and money,’’ he said.

Mr Rich Akintola, said the network was using subscriber’s subscription to pay off debt it owes the banks.

“I was really enjoying 9mobile services when they came up, but recently, since its debt issue, the network has been misbehaving, it is no longer reliable,’’ he said.”

Mr Tunji Adekunle, said the network have become unappealing that he was having the best data experience with 9mobile.

Mr Ife Popoola, another Web developer, said 9mobile network was really fast when he started using it but suddenly it started being slow.

“I had to configure three apps to work on the data, but still, it keeps getting worse,’’ he said.

Mrs Oluseyi Osunsedo, Head, Environmental Compliance, Public Relations and Corporate Affairs, 9mobile, linked the rising number of customers’ complaints to settings.

Osunsedo advised subscribers to change the password of their Mifi or Smartphone hotspot, from time to time. She said that it would help to reduce the data usage, when a second party is connected to the MiFi, without the knowledge of the main user.

“A common scenario with Mifi users or Smartphone hotspot is a case where the user has granted internet access to a friend or family member in the past.

“Whenever the friend or family member’s phone comes within the range of the Mifi, it automatically connects, often unknown to the customer and data usage is charged to the Mifi or hotspot phone.

“To avoid this, subscribers are advised to change the password of their Mifi or Smartphone hotspot from time to time,’’ she said.

Osunsedo said that when subscribers connect their laptops to either their phones or their MiFi, background updates that run on the laptop are a major factor for unusual data depletion.

“Most updates on laptops are run by antivirus and an antivirus update can consume more than 1GB data in less than one hour.

“Some customers argue that this is not the same on other networks and the reason for this is not far-fetched, as 9mobile has the best network quality.

“Apart from the fact that network quality unlocks the full functionality of applications on a device, download rate is also very fast.

“Therefore, the download rate of the updates is fastest on the 9mobile network, compared to competition,’’ she said.


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