9mobile mocked Glo in new advert

Glo data plans have been the cheapest plans but their network is the main problem, while 9mobile data plans are very expensive but extremely fast.

See how 9mobile mocked Glo in new advert (Photo)

According to the photo caption, it said:

“It’s not about how big but it’s what you can do with it”

I pray this shouldn’t cause enmity between the two giant networks.


  1. It’s true! It’s damn true. Seriously It’s not about how big but it’s what you can do with it! It’s obvious! Glo should think about it wella and do the right thing and the right time.. There’s a lot of competitors around.. Not enmity. Thanks.

  2. That is the reality my brother.. What’s the essence of huge data when there’s no strong network to even browse the Internet?. Abeg they should try and get it done quickly.

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