9mobile offers 1GB for N200 as Special Data 

9mobile new data bonus now offers 1GB data for just N200 and 5GB for just N1,000 only. The data bonus offer is named “Special Data“. It gives exclusive bonus to some selected customers who recharge better.

Not only this offer, Airtel porting freebie is still working better. It gives N2GB for just N100 recharge and vice versa.

Moreover, those who still prefer 9mobile offer, can activate it using this article. The 9mobile special data works on devices including: PSP console, Android, Desktop/PC/Laptop through modem, iOS (iPhone) and others. Additionally, you don’t have to use VPN for the activation.

There are some questions you may want to ask before the activation and they are;

What’s the 9mobile Special Data Validity Period?

The 9mobile gives its special data for complete three days. So, the special data valid for complete 3 days without interruption. The validity period might be too quick for some users but I assure you that this plan is more reasonable than 9mobile official data plans.

What’s the requirements to activate the 9mobile special data? 

You can only activate the 9mobile special data if your line is selected and eligible to activate the offer. The more you recharge, the more your chance to get eligible will increase and you should also note that is one-time eligibility.

Which devices can the 9mobile special data work on?

The 9mobile special data is specially designed to work on all devices; you won’t experience any form of device restriction. The data works on PSP console, Android, Desktop/PC/Laptop through modem, iOS (iPhone) and others or any devices that can connect to the internet.

How to Activate 9mobile Special Data Bonus Offer of 1GB for N200 and 5GB for N1,000?

The data bundles can be activated by dialling *929*10# USSD code and you would get the data immediately. Make sure you have N200 on your 9mobile account before activation.

To activate the 5GB for N1,000, you should keep activating the data bundle after 3 days and you will keep activating the N200 for 1GB. So, if you activate the 1GB data bundle up to 5 times in every 3 days, that will give you 5GB for just N1,000 only.

How to know if am eligible to activate the 9mobile special data offer?

You are always eligible both on new or old SIM but it depends on how you recharge. Your recharges increases the chance of you getting eligible to activate the data. It’s one-time eligibility, meaning that if you get eligible once, you won’t be asked or suspended to be eligible again. In other words, no multiple eligibility.

How can I check my 9mobile special data balance?

You can always check your data balance by dialling *228# and you’re done.

Is the 9mobile special data official?

The special data is official and the data is counted among the official data plan you purchase I.e there’s no specific code for checking the data but only in the official way. You don’t require any VPN.

Is it helpful? Encounter any problems or issues while activating, kindly drop your problem below and share your experience if it works for you.


  1. It’s cool bro.. And very helpful! But I still prefer that Airtel freebies via sim card porting.. Thanks for the info boss.

  2. Waow! cool! #200 for 1gb. fair validity period, fast network from 9mobile and this is a lot better than night plans…
    let’s say we have 30days in a month, and the validity period for this plan is 3days. so if one wants to subscribe to it for a month, one would do it times in a month (30/3 = 10) … 10 times #200 =#2000. and 10 times 1gb = 10gb

    and based on calculations, if ones keeps subscribing to this compared to the official monthly data plans, one would be able to get 10gb for #2000 only with their fast network! this is 20 times better than Glo. Is 9mobile aware??

  3. It’s really awesome… Very special, if not that it’s validity period is unfair and it’s Still the best! @bro_bright I like that your calculations, it’s really superb! But in my town here.. We are lack of Etisalat network in my area Kogi state. Thanks for everything!

  4. O my…! That is too awesome at bro bright calculation, this is so special data to us, not just by name.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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