A Rwandan Student Made WhatsApp Calls without Internet Connection Possible

A 26 year old Rwandan Student, Deodate Mugenzi, who’s pursuing ICT at the Polytechnic Regional Center in Kigali, figured out a prototype that will enable WhatsApp users to make internal and international calls without the internet.

The ICT student said he generated the idea from only the materials with him which are: Laptop, library books on physics and some research.

“The problem is that many people here in Rwanda and other parts of Africa cannot afford to own smartphones that enable them to use all these internet enabled services. To address this, people ought to use services that allow them to communicate using any platform that is available to them,” Mugenzi said.

How the system works and challenges

The computer system operates using optic physics, network principles and mobile gadget communication techniques. This feature allows WhatsApp users to directly call mobile phone numbers but currently, only WhatsApp users can call WhatsApp users.

Even users with featured phones like the one that cannot download WhatsApp will be able to enjoy the call but however, this will create a challenge for network providers.

To use the platform, Mugenzi has to register the numbers of both the caller and receiver on WhatsApp.

The challenges is that the system cannot allow multiple calls at the same time. Mugenzi needs more supports to conduct intensive research and studies to enable him to scale up his system.

However, he’s currently partnering with the American Embassy in Rwanda to offer innovative training to several young people in the country.


  1. Woow this is a great research that the man carried out successfully, as the matter of fact, you will be able to even make call without internet-based, this is awesome. Wish him good luck! But he needs assistance as well.

  2. This is awesome, big thanks to the students, nice discovery! This is all about technology! Thinking and thinking about the solution to problems! God bless him more knowledges and skills. It’s high time for him to make it possible all over as soon as possible.

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