ABNORMAL: Telcos Lose 5.6 Million Subscribers In 30Days

Losing 5.6million subscriber ain’t a joke in anyway and where are the subscribers switching to? I guess, are they switching to feature phone because of increase in data rate? Well, March subscribers data as unveiled by NCC (Nigeria Telecommunications Commission) that Telcos lost 1.6Million subscribers generally and the newly subscribers shows that Telcos lost 5.6million in the month of April.

This actually means that Telcos lost 5.6million in 30days even according to the data, active mobile voice in Nigeria crash from 154.4 million in March to 149.2 million at the end of April, 2017. This is not normal at all.

Among the four categories of subscribers, such as GSM, CDMA, VoIP and fixed wired/wireless operators, only GSM segment was responsible for the crash in the subscriber base.

GSM active customers decreased by 3.2 million on the 151.9 million subscribers recorded in the month March. The CDMA operators had 217,566 (Visafone had 213,106 customers, while Multi- Links had 4,460) users in April, which was same with the result recorded in the month of March.

Glo had 37.2 million customers, lost 58,727 subscribers; MTN had 58.1 million users in April, lost 2.2 million subscribers; Etisalat had 19 million customers, lost 576,120 subscribers and Airtel had 34.3 million subscribers, lost 319,803.

The only network subscribers that increased, was that of multi-links and Visafone. They had an increase of 1,559 users from March record of 100,745 which actually means that the network had 102,304 users in April.

Where do you think the 5.6million users go to? Did they switch to a feature phone or just intended not to subscribe to data plan?

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  1. Reply

    This is bizarre​ is really abnormal pity for dem

  2. Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Reply

    To hell with them,serve them right,they are a bunch of extortionists.

  4. Reply

    Lol. Anyway, I'm still using all of them. I'm even browsing and downloading unlimitedly on UC MINI Handler.

  5. Reply

    I think they should data price , they will come back

  6. Reply

    I really like that. Why would they be cheating in the first place? Good reward… They should better come back to their senses

  7. Reply

    I think the recession contribute to the lost of the subscribers.
    because people has abandone their smartphone for basic phone

  8. Reply

    Lolz People are using WhatsApp for calling and are using Lagos wife for browsing….Sorry Telecos

  9. Reply

    I think this is very good of dem losing customer because they are not really helping people at all.

    Am even happy for these.

  10. Reply

    what's Lagos wife? an app?

  11. Reply

    may be everyone has settled down 4 d main time till d economy is favourable again,because we might not know we spend a lot of money on datas and voice calls which are not necessary

  12. Reply

    Bro you are right! They are gaining us and the amout of money we spend on data is much and they are not even considering us at all, they keep increasing data price.

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