In this article, I will reveal the pro and cons of rooting your Android device.

What is rooting? Rooting is a process by which users gain full access to his/her device.


  1. Root access, super access – When user root his/her device, he gains right over it to customize it system such as appearance, notication bar e.t.c which is really amazing.

2. CPU, Clocking – This involves the decease or increase of the CPU processors, for better performance and battery life.

3. Removal of system apps – With root you can delete any system app which is useless to you, the most funny part is that they occupy a lot of space in your device, apps like palm chat and others etc

There are many advantages but these are the list I can remember.

Disadvantages of rooting

  1. Bricking – The is as a result of wrong file which are been flash in your device, which causes a big damage, when your device is being brick it become useless, your phone can’t boot at all.

2. Warranty – When you root your device your device warranty is broken, which means any system failure is of your own risk.


Google is working on how to stop rooted device from playstore, so if your device is still rooted, you can no longer access playstore.

All that glitter is not gold, becareful on the decision you make.

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Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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