This is outrageous as Afghanistan government is calling the ban of the popular messaging service: WhatsApp and Telegram.

Afghanistan has sparked outcry over the government move to ban WhatsApp and Telegram messaging service.

Even journalists, media groups and social media users have accused the government censorship after the move to block the popular messaging service.

It is  believed that the call for a ban was made to stop the Taliban and other insurgent groups from communicating via the encrypted messaging application.

Earlier this week, the officials at the body that regulates telecommunications in Afghanistan confirmed they had written to service provider for a temporary, 20 days ban for security reasons.

But Shahzad Aryobee, telecommunications minister, posted on Facebook saying regulator had been asked to enforce a gradual block on messaging services to solve technical problems after several complaints.

However, audibility and signal strength is a common problem in Afghanistan.

The ban is yet to have been enforced and Mark zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and WhatsApp is yet to comment.

If this happen in Nigeria, what will you do?

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