After changing Facebook News Feed, Mark Zuckerberg loses $3.3 billion

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, shares fell 4.5% which cause him to lose about $3.3 billion after changing Facebook News feed.

Basically, Facebook News feed changes will mainly display publication from family and friends but contents from brands, company and products will result in less view and less reach.

This means that Facebook won’t show you articles from brands like CNN, Vanguard, Prexblog pages e.t.c but only your family and friends activities will be shown on News feed. The articles from brands and companies will be less unlike before.

This has made Mark Zuckerberg to lose the fourth richest man position with net worth of $74 billion to Armancio Ortega, a business tycoon.

Those who likes to read News and Gossips from brands, will only be dedicated to friends and families posts. As for companies and brands who loves to place content on Facebook pages, will see a break in their statistics.

What’s your say?


  1. O my God! What a great loss, Hmm I think he should return everything if there’s no any alternative way to advance his position to even number 3. Ahh! My condolence to him..
    Thanks so much for everything.

  2. Money that can change my entire lineages is just chicken change to this man. But I just can’t help but wonder his reasons tho

  3. What a big surprise! Didn’t know that he is even at this top point of the richest people.. Torr.. Hope he is going to find way to get everything back..
    Thanks again!

  4. I know it’s really gonna be this way, cause that thing really blocked a lot of business… So he should rethink of what to do again! God help him out!

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