Airtel 20X Data And Voice Bonus Gives You N2,000 With Just 100Naira

It’s time to dust your old Airtel sim that you might have abandoned for complete 30days. This Airtel win-back offer is amazing in such a way that it gives all prepaid Airtel users 20 times of their recharge based on their simple eligibility such as the Airtel sim that had not been used for SMS (incoming or outgoing) and Calls (Incoming or outgoing) or Data for a month. Are you confused? Let me simplify this to you.

This Airtel 20X bonus is a special offer for those who have not been using their Airtel sim for 30days because this will definitely win back all Airtel users to the network and if your sim has not reached a month (30 days), it means you are not eligible to use this offer. Meanwhile, the bonus valid for 30days which is a month.

This is how it works. When you load or recharge 100naira, you will be given free 2,000naira and out of the bonus, 500naira is for call while 1,500naira is for data.

For the recharge of 200naira, you will get free 4,000naira as bonus and 1,000naira is for voice or call while 3,000naira is for data. I hope you have seen how wonderful it is? So let’s go on to more of the available 20X bonus data plans.

Airtel 20X Data And Voice Bonus Preferred Bundles 

1. When you recharge 100naira, you get 2,000Naira bonus while 500naira is for voice and 1,500naira is for data. It valid for 30days.
2. When you recharge 200naira, you get 4,000Naira bonus while 1,000naira is for voice and 3,000naira is for data. It valid for 30days.
3. When you recharge 300naira, you get 6,000Naira bonus while 1,500naira is for voice and 4,500naira is for data. It valid for 30days.
4. When you recharge 500naira, you get 10,000Naira bonus while 2,500naira is for voice and 7,500naira is for data. It valid for 30days.
5. When you recharge 1,000naira, you get 20,000Naira bonus while 5,000naira is for voice and 15,000naira is for data. It valid for 30days.

How To Activate 20X Data And Bonus Bundles

It is easy and simple to activate. After you have complete the required eligibility, you should load or recharge your Airtel line with any amount depending on the bundle subscription you wish to go for and finally, dial *241# and select any 20X bundle from the options to subscribe. If you wish to go for the direct subscription code, you should check this out below.

  1. For N100, dial *241*100# to activate.
  2. For N200, dial *241*200# to activate.
  3. For N300, dial *241*300# to activate.
  4. For N500, dial *241*500# to activate.
  5. For N1,000, dial *241*1000# to activate.

Note: All these bundles valid for 30days and you can continue to enjoy these bundles in every 30days. It can also be activated multiple times within 30days from the date of first purchase.

How To Check 20X Voice And Data Bonus Data Balance

It can be checked by dialing *123# and you will be able to check your data and voice balance after successful activation.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate this offer, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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    This is great news from Airtel nc move from dem and thanks for d update!!! lemi go get lost sim!!!

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    I really appreciated this offer from airtel , many people is going to enjoy this big offer

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    cool one from airtel

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    good to hear

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    I really appreciate this offer from airtel

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    Thanks for d update nyc one

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    time to recharge oooOh! amazing offer from them. nice update.

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    Wow (rexxie) great news Fro airtel

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    But can I used the offer to subscribe

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    @prex how many mb did 100 recharge can be used

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    The stuff is bringing rubbish here o

  12. @muhsin yusuf…100naira eill give you 2,000naira bonus for data and voice. It can be used to subscribe and call as well. It valid For 30days.

  13. Reply

    so it can be used to subscribe thanks

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    Please prexblog, it's saying another thing, can't it be done on any sim, because am having issues here

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    I meant that is it selecting Sims jhare

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    wow this is great

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    One love from airtel

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    nice 20x bonus

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    this wat am expecting from glo

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    How will I do this prexblog…. to flash custom rom with sp flash tool without the scatter file…. and custom rom is in zip format…. and link to download such custom rom for tecno h6

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    Nice one
    Nice article

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    This is nice from Airtel.

  25. Reply

    Nice one from Airtel.

    • Simeon Victor
    • April 26, 2017

    still having difficulties downloading with these uc mini handler, are there any other working proxies I can use to download with??

  26. Use German proxy

  27. Reply

    you can use

    German proxy

    • Anonymous
    • April 29, 2017

    mine send a successful message bt i can't i can't see the data

    • Anonymous
    • April 29, 2017

    mine send a successful message bt i can't i can't see the data

  28. Dial *123#

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