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Airtel new 150% bonus offer gives 1.8GB data at the price of N500 only

Other network providers stopped double data bonus at the peak of 100% but Airtel Nigeria has decided to add more %50 data bonus on some selected and eligible customers of their network.

The new Airtel 150% data bonus is said to valid for complete 6 months but to shed more light on the validity, your purchased data plan of 1.8GB for N500 will expire in 14 days. So, you can keep activating more of the data plan offer everyday till complete 6 months.

Meanwhile, there are other cheaper data plans that when purchased, you get 150% double data, which are N200 for 500MB, 3.75GB for N1000 and the 1.8GB for N500.

How to activate Airtel 150% double data offer

As I’ve said earlier, it’s only available for the eligible ones. Once you received this message, saying:

“FREE 150% Double Data, Just For You! get 1.8GB for just N500 valid for 14 days. Hurry! Dial *418*2# now to enjoy this amazing offer every day for 6 months.”

You should simply know you’re eligible to activate the Airtel 150% double data offer. And also, you can dial *418*2# to check your eligibility, if it says “Insufficient balance“, recharge N500 and dial the code again to activate the 1.8GB data. Check your data balance with *140# and enjoy!

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza April 27, 2018

    Wow.. This is so interesting. Let me give it a try, the good thing there is that it’s official.

  2. hussaini hussaini April 27, 2018

    Airtel are really doing a great job toward internet connectivity and even their call charges/rate ,kudos to them .

  3. hassan hassan April 27, 2018

    Wow this is a cheap and affordable plan,i think airtel has done well this even though it has been long we get freebies from them,nice idea from airtel

  4. Marveln Marveln April 27, 2018

    I tried the code nd it said insufficient but me im scared oooooo, i never try am

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | April 27, 2018

      If you have received the message above, you can proceed to activate it but if you haven’t and it shows “Insufficient balance”, do not activate it because you will just activate only 750MB.

      • Kazeem Kazeem April 27, 2018

        I just activated it now, but i got 750mb.

  5. Ayo Ade Ayo Ade April 27, 2018

    As a sharp guy, I’ll learn from kazeem nd await their message

  6. Michael Michael April 27, 2018

    As a sharper guy i will also learn from Ayo ade and await their message

    • hassan hassan May 1, 2018

      Guy I think you really a smartphone one,good one anyway.

  7. Timothy Timothy April 28, 2018

    Nice one I will give it a try

  8. Muzikia Muzikia April 29, 2018

    Hey bro, thanks for this tips, I just activate mine but am having issues with my airtel line or I should say with my phone, I can’t send or receive sms, when I try to check my balance, they said an sms will be sent to me shortly but since 24 Hours now I have not seen the sms. Any other way to check the data balance. Thanks

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | April 29, 2018

      I think is network issue. Kindly wait or contact the customer care.

  9. hussaini hussaini May 1, 2018

    Nice idea from airtel and I think all airtel users should quickly avail thrmselves of this golden oppurtunity

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