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Airtel Night Plans; Subscription Codes, Validity Period And Price

Airtel is one of the best network in Nigeria. They have their normal data bundles that can be used in the night and day but not everyone might prefer it because of the price, that’s why there is night plans which can only be used in the night. So, if you are a heavy downloader, the night plan is highly recommended for you because is cheap and affordable.

This Airtel night plans doesn’t need the help of any VPN like psiphon, tweakware, stark vpn and others. It can also be used on desktop or PC to browse, download and stream videos.

List Of Airtel Night Plans

1. 25Naira For 500MB – This night plan is very cheap and affordable. With just 25Naira, you will get 500MB from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning. However, it can only be activated once per night.

2. 200Naira For 1.5GB – This is not cost anyway. With just 200Naira, you will be able to get 1.5GB to download, surf, stream and Browse throughout the night from 12AM till 5AM. It can only be activated once per night.

How To Activate Airtel Night Plans

  • It is very easy and simple to activate. Firstly, you will have to migrate to Airtel smartTRYBE 2.0 by dialing *312# then press 1.
  • After migration, you can then press *312# and enter 3 in the options to choose Trybe Night Browsing.
  • So you will then see the two Airtel Night Plans (25Naira for 500MB and 1.5GB for 200Naira). You can select the anyone you wish to activate.
  • Then you have successfully activated your Airtel Night Plan. Browse and enjoy!

How To Check Airtel Night Plans Data Balance

You can check your Airtel data balance by dialing *140# and you will receive your remaining data balance as a text message.

How To Use Airtel Night Plans On Desktop Or PC

It is very easy and simple. You can activate your night plan either using desktop or PHONE and if is Mobile phone, kindly insert the sim in a modem and connect your data via your PC then browse and enjoy your night!

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Airtel Night Plans? Which of them will you go for?


  1. @prex pls how can i browse with glo 0k my own will connect with psiphon and tweakware bit it wont browse at all any lead pls

  2. I will look into that and drop the solution.

  3. I really enjoyed this Airtel Night Subs,more especially 1.5Gb
    Commenting From

  4. I would go for 25- 500mb if I'm not downloading much

  5. nc update by prexident of blog am already enjoying dat night plan b4 NC 1 from Uuu

  6. Can't we find a way of using it in d daytime?

  7. No, it is only for the night as configured by the network provider.

  8. Prefer dis to mtn night browsing. Has an hour time more.

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