Airtel Porting Cheat Vs 9mobile Special Data Comparison

Many people have been debating about the new Airtel porting freebie or cheat and the last year 9mobile special data offer. In this article, you’ll be acquainted and you will learn who wins the data comparison.

Airtel porting freebie offers literally million times the value of your data. The only hassle is when activating the SIM for the freebie. When you port, you enjoy exclusive services from your “recipient” which is the SIM network you port onto, like promos and their amazing services. Airtel porting freebie gives 2GB data for just N100 only. The data can be used on any devices that can access the internet.

9mobile special data is an exclusive package from the fourth largest telecommunications company in Nigeria. The special data gives users the value of their data and it depends on those who recharge a lot.

With just N200, you can get 1GB data bundle without much hassle but it’s not for everyone; it only works on selected SIM. The more you recharge, the more your chance increases to get eligible.

Airtel Porting Freebie Vs 9mobile Special Data: Data Bundle Comparison

How many data do they give?

Airtel porting freebie offers N100 for a massive 2GB data, the more you purchase data, the more it accumulates and can only be accumulated up to 50GB. Boom!

9mobile special data offers N200 for a massive 1GB data bundle. It doesn’t accumulate but can be purchased again after 3 days, that means 5 times purchase can give 10GB for N1,000. Wow!

What’s their data validity period?

Airtel porting freebie data bundle valid for 30 days and can be used without any form of interruption. Ohh! Awesome!

The 9mobile special data validity period is 3 days and that’s the data bundle ever record to be the cheapest of all 9mobile data plan.

How to activate their data?

For Airtel porting freebie, it can be activated by visiting any nearest airtel store and fill a form to port from MTN to Airtel. Then, send “PORT” to “3232” and within 48 hours or less, you’ll receive a successful message on your MTN, your MTN network disappears immediately, then insert your Airtel SIM and recharge via bank or Zoto wallet, you will be given your data according to the amount you recharged.

For special data from 9mobile, simply dial *929*10# and voila! You’ve activated the data of N200 for 1GB.

What’s the code for checking their data bundle?

Since they are official, the Airtel porting freebie data can be checked by dialling *223#, while the 9mobile special data can be checked by dialling *228# and enjoy.

Comparison Result

  • In validity, the Airtel won it.
  • In Data Bundle, the Airtel won it.
  • In checking of data bundle, the 9mobile won it.
  • In activating, the 9mobile won it.
  • In accumulation, the Airtel won it.
  • In speed, the 9mobile won it.

So, it’s left to you, which of the networks wins the comparison in all ramifications?


  1. For me!
    I prefer the airtel porting cheat! But just that the activation is stressful because you have to visit their store or office.. The Etisalat is not available in my area Kogi state, we don’t have the 3G here.. So I don’t own the sim card.

  2. tah! I still prefer that of 9mobile. that of airtel gives stress though its massive data is quite encouraging. but I will still stick to my gun; 9mobile’s plan is awessomme!

  3. Well, the 9mobile seems to be easy to get, but their network is very poor in my area too! You can not easily find 3G connection! Why i still prefer that Airtel is because of the massive Data. But it’s very hard to get.

  4. Both are very good and interesting! But the Etisalat is very strictly.. You will just follow up with the code.. But the airtel isn’t easy to get.. Anyway, I prefer the Etisalat. Thanks a lot for the info.

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