Airtel Nigeria which is one of the best Africa Telecom has successfully launched the most anticipated unlimited data plan packages and allocated data unveiled as well. After proper reviewed by consumers, it was reported that it didn’t meet the needs of users because of the price tag and each packages allocated data.

Normally, when using Airtel unlimited data plans, you have the full possibility to browse at a very high speed even when connected to many devices at the same time. The allocated data are heavy and better for everyone irrespective of their device.

The data plans can be used on Android, Tablets, iOS, Windows, Modems, Dongles, PC/Desktop, Symbian, Java and among others. It can be used for streaming HD videos, downloading quality MP4/3GP videos & musics, playing or streaming online games, and for social media.

Nevertheless, Airtel claimed it’s unlimited through their video adverts but do not forget that each unlimited data plans have an allocated data which surely means “the data plans are capped“. This must be the worst of all but chill, let’s see some other parts of the plans.

Airtel furthermore said the data plans can be throttled at the speed of 252kobo/seconds which actually means your speed might slow down after enjoying full speed at the beginning. Now, let’s overview the Airtel unlimited data plans.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

  1. Airtel Unlimited data plan package for 10,000naira, valid for 30 days.
  2. Airtel Unlimited data plan package for 15,000naira, valid for 30 days.
  3. Airtel Unlimited data plan package for 20,000naira, valid for 30 days.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans, Activation Codes And Price

  1. 10,000naira For 100GB – This unlimited data plan package is the cheapest of all the packages and can be activated easily by dialling *471# which valid for 30 days(complete month). If you download heavily, you would consider this because it can take you through in completing your day-to-day jobs.
    2.15,000naira For 125GB – After the previous package of 100GB, just add 5,000naira to get 125GB of data, valid for a complete month (30 days) by dialling *463# for activation. It’s shareable, usable on any devices and at the same time, surfable at a very high speed before the throttle.
  2. 20,000naira For 160GB – This is the highest package of them all but still hold same validity period of 30 days as the only price tag and the allocated data makes them looks different. They all perform same functions, it all depends on the amount of data you can consume and in activating this data plan, dial *351# at the amount of 20,000naira, valid for 30 days as said earlier.

Summary Of Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Packages

  • Airtel 10,000naira gives 100GB data, valid for 30 days by dialling *471# only.
  • Airtel 15,000naira gives 125GB data, valid for 30 days by dialling *463# only.
  • Airtel 20,000naira gives 160GB data, valid for 30 days by dialling *351# only.

Note: Fair charges applies. You might experience speed throttle at the rate of 252kobo/seconds. You can also subscribe by dialling *141#* and follow the on-screen instructions.

My first article concerning this Airtel Unlimited data plans generates a lot of reactions in the comment section which might have also been happening in other media. I think Airtel should rethink and released daily or weekly plans which will definitely enable them spread their tentacles because I will recommend the data packages to businessmen not students.

What’s your say about these data packages and their allocated data?

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