Alcatel are not joking with their business as they have announced five smartphones of three series and two tablets, just this year. The phones are made of “Simganic” design and one of them is the first smartphone to run Android Go.

Alcatel are known for producing low-end phones but this time, they have included some high-end features like 18:9 aspect ratio and dual cameras. The announced phones names are Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3, Alcatel 3X, Alcatel 3V, Alcatel 1X and the two tablets; Alcatel 1T 7 and Alcatel 1T 10.

Let’s get down with their key specifications and price

Alcatel 5

The phone is the most expensive device the company is announcing today. It has 5.7 inch display with immersive video experience with its 18:9 aspect ratio and 720 × 1440 pixels resolution. Uses Octa-core MediaTek processor, Android 7.1 Nougat and a face recognition feature but only a single camera. The phone launches for the price of €229.99 which is about N101,000 in Nigeria.

Alcatel 3, 3X and 3V

These phones comes in different sizes but similar-looking phones with similar specifications. They have same Quad-core MediaTek processor and facial recognition feature. They also have charge over micro USB.

See the differences here, the Alcatel 3 has a 5.5 inch display with 1440 × 720 pixels resolution, the Alcatel 3X has 5.7 inch display with 1440 × 720 pixels resolution and the 3V has 6 inch with 2K resolution.

The Alcatel 3X and 3V have dual rear cameras offering a portrait mode but the Alcatel 3 doesn’t. The Alcatel 3 and 3V are running on Android Oreo, while the Alcatel 3X is running on Android Nougat.

The Alcatel 3 will cost €150 (N67,000), Alcatel 3X will cost €180 (N80,000) and Alcatel 3V will cost €190 (N84,000) and they are expected to launch between now and next month.

Alcatel 1X

The 1X is first smartphone in Alcatel 1 Series. It has multiple variants with distinct or different features. Most model of the phone runs Android Go – Google optimized version for low-end hardwares. One model run fully on Android Oreo, some models have dual SIM slots and some have one SIM slot. Some versions don’t even support fingerpint sensor but all variants comes with Alcatel’s facial recognition feature. Just too many variants.

It’s powered by 2460mAh battery capacity. The Alcatel 1X costs €100 (N45,000) for the single SIM version and €110 (N48,000) for the dual SIM version.

Alcatel 1T 7 and 1T 10

The tablets runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and are inexpensive low-end tablets running on quad-core MediaTek processors and uses 1GB RAM. They doesn’t support 802.11ac Wi-Fi which is more important in a tablet.

Their main difference is the screen size. The Alcatel 1T 7 has 7 inch 1024 × 600 pixels while the Alcatel 1T 10 has 10 inch 1280 × 800 display.

The Alcatel 1T 7 costs €70 (N30,000) while the Alcatel 1T 10 costs €100 (N45,000).

What’s your say about Alcatel kicking off with a lot of phones this year? What’s your say about their features and specifications?

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