All Prexblog Best Commentators Winners Of This Month Should Come In Here

Do you win this month best commentators? You should already know that I haven’t paid anyone his or her money because I was so busy this month. So today, I want all May, 2017 best commentators of prexblog to drop their bank details for transfer. Meanwhile, it’s never too late to join.

Start dropping your bank details now…

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  1. Reply

    How much does the winners get ? ,it has been a while ,keep it up

  2. Reply

    I know God will soon pick my call
    congrat to the winners

  3. Reply

    thanks Seun. mine isn't a problem; is it?

  4. Yes drop it sir

  5. It varies

  6. Reply

    Congrats to them OP They get a reasonable amount

  7. Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Reply

    It's nice to hear such from you
    keep it up bro

  9. Reply

    ojo olubunmi hellen
    First bank
    acct no: 302235927

  10. Reply

    just use the one I gave you. that's the one I'm currently using

  11. Reply

    Account name; Isah Bashiru

    account number;0239563920

    hehehehe, we like gud tinz. Dnt mind me!

  12. Reply

    Congrats to the winners

  13. Reply

    Precious I sent u message in ur inbox, kindly check and reply asap

  14. Reply

    Congratulations ooooo watch out for the next best commentors

  15. Reply

    Ive been given the award also. Its a good record.

  16. Reply

    Acct No: 1130709053
    Acct Name:Yusuf Abdulrahman
    Bank:Skye Bank

  17. Reply

    The first account no complete
    ojo olubunmi hellen
    First bank
    acct no: 3022359271

  18. Please drop another bank details…

  19. Reply

    admin use the one with you

  20. Reply

    Acct Name: 4243359012
    Mustafa Abdulasis

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