Gionee has a custom skin called Amigo with different versions. At the time of this article, the custom skin is on version 4.0 with some kind of amazing features. Here, you will know everything about Gionee Amigo custom skin.

The custom skin is attached to the operating system (OS) to deliver some useful features and great user interface (UI). The brilliant combination of Amigo and Nougat gives you all the personalization you would want. And then some more Android 7 makes your phone, your phone.

1. Faster communication – You would enjoy a Smart notifications that appears on top of the app icon. More than 1300 emojis and new ones are added everyday for more fun when chatting or communication. Edge bar has also been added.

2. Faster Multitasking – Quick switch between apps, multi-window viewing, and many other such features ensure you get the most out of your phone. Always.

3. Good Gesture – You can make smart moves without even switching it on. Take a screenshot, open the browser and listen to your favourite music. With just a gesture.

4. Battery Saver – Amigo combined with Nougat or higher OS optimizes apps and reduces battery usage when you are on the move or asleep. Not only that, all your apps are optimized and consumes less resources when running.

5. Security – Nougat and Amigo together have several layers of security and encryption powered by seamless and safe updates. This ensures you have everything you need to safeguard your privacy. You will have fingerprint scanner, mobile anti-theft and virus detection.

6. Speedy User Interface – With Gionee’s Amigo user interface (UI), you get to give your phone a distinct personality. On top of that, features like the System Manager, Smart Arrange and Ami Clone make sure your phone has speedy, methodical and seamless functioning.


The latest and sweetest version of Android is faster, safer and even more fun, thanks to its deadly partnership with Amigo uI. Any version of Amigo will offer you more than your operating system and make it more clean and speedy in performance.

Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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