Huawei has a custom skin called EMUI that’s updated time-to-time with intriguing features and performance to give users a clean experience with their operating system or smartphone.

At the time of this article, the custom skin is at version 8.0 with infinite opportunities and artificial intelligence (AI). You can also know more about Gionee Amigo.


Based on machine learning, EMUI especially the 8.0 verison allocates resources dynamically to give more CPU and memory to the apps actually used in order to ensure a smooth experience. Low memory management actively rearranges memory space to reduce fragmentation, and compress memory to save space for more important apps. For storage, a new file system F2FS has been implemented to avoid file fragmentation. Further AI engine optimization based on user behavior scheduling resources, bring a more durable fast experience, whenever you’re scrolling pictures in gallery, browsing contacts in address book or opening background running apps.

Dockless PC MODE

With EMUI, you can connect your phone to a larger screen with a simple cable and benefit from a full desktop experience. Dual Bluetooth also allows you to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard at the same time.

LinkedIn Built-in 

With the EMUI 8.0, you can sync up your Linkedin account to your phone address book. Details about your connections, such as email address, company, position etc., will be available in one click.

Smart Split Screen

With EMUI, your phone can support an intelligent split-screen interface. When you don’t want to be interrupted, like when you’re watching a video and an incoming notification arrives, the phone will pro-actively propose to switch to split-screen mode, so that you can send message without disrupting your activity.

Smart Multi-column Display

With EMUI, your phone is set up for pad-like multi-column viewing, making work life on-the-go as effortless as sitting at your desk.

Smart Tips

EMUI is able to predict your intentions, and provide intelligent recommendation to the function you need, so that you use your phone more efficiently.

AI Experience 

Identifying different types of scenes and objects in real-time, automatically adjusting color, contrast, brightness, exposure and more to produce vibrant, sharp, perfectly framed photographs. Now support 13 scenes and objects: flower, blue sky, plant, nightscape, food, sunset/sunrise, performance, text, beach, snow, portrait cat and dog.

Some other tips

In Navigation Dock - just place your home button and short-cut dock where you want it on the screen and you’re good to go.

One-step shortcut – Long press to launch shortcut menu, drag and drop to create desktop shortcut.

To get a clean user experience, your Huawei phone must have custom skin attached to your operating system. It makes you enjoy better features on every updates.

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