Android users are really upgrading their smartphones I.e those who purchased new smartphones with latest operating system (OS) are much.

The latest Android redistribution numbers of this month are outand it shows that Oreo and Nougat grow after the previous report of last month while the rest witnessed a decline.

Android 8 Oreo distribution grow up to 0.5% of the market which means it has doubled its share of last month which was 0.3%.

Android 7 Nougat also grow from 20.6% of last month November to 23.3%. All other operating system has witnessed a decline – Marshmallow decrease from 30.9% to 29.7%, Lollipop also decrease from 27.2% to 26.3% and KitKat also witnessed a decline from 13.8% last month to 13.4%.
Android distribution number of December
Pie chart revealing Android distribution numbers

The combined shared of the remaining operating system (OS) now down from 7.2% last month to 6.8%.

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