Announcement To All Prexblog Best Commentators

It’s strange that the previous best commentators are reluctant to drop their bank details via the comment box. Please, do not message me on social media about your details, just drop the account details via the comment system below in order for me to get it easily immediately I want to make a transfer.

As I said earlier, because of my upcoming examination, time will only permit me to deposit the money on the 21st of July. So by then, you all who won the game, will definitely receive the alert.

Thanks for your patience till that day Without you, No Prexblog!


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    ojo olubunmi hellen
    First bank
    acct no: 3022359271

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    You're doing a great job bro keep it up and best of luck with your exams

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    The sky is just ur starting point, more blessing bro , I wish u best of luck in ur exams

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    First bank…. 3024 885 558…Akhigbe Magdalene osariemen

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    good luck!

  6. You should drop your bank details below.

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    Is alright to drop account details here which totally makes no sense to me, but after receiving the money without posting the screenshots of the amount of fund receive and there testimonies here will also pain me.

  8. Dropping it here doesn't affect their account in any way and they can testify about the payment transfer.

    Prexblog is ever the best in doing that and showing their teller, is not possible.

    I show the teller privately.

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    This comment has been removed by the author.

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    Account name: Isah Bashiru

    account number: 0239563920


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    That is it

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    Falokun Emmanuel Pelumi

    Skye bank account details from Lorenzo

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    Olaide Hammed lasisi


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