Apple Investigating After iPhone 7 Plus Catches Fire, Checkout!

A trending Twitter video shows a rose gold iPhone 7 Plus catching fire until it finally explode and this video has caught apple’s attention as well.

Brianna Olivas also known as Bree on Twitter says, the phone was not charging and there is no explanation on how this charging problem happened. In the video, the iPhone 7 plus was first bringing out smoke then the metal shell burst with even more smoke.

Clearly, there was an issue with battery, which swelled, caught fire, then broke the phone instantly. Luckily, there was no property damage and nobody injured or hurt.

Watch above video

So Apple has start Investigating the incident posted by Bree. Everybody has learned a valuable lesson from the note 7 explosion and no company will allow such history to repeat itself.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about the explosion of iPhone 7 plus?

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    Plz blazerwap plz hw can i fix my play store not use data to open, but wifi not loading plz help me

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    Too cost

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    nc update

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    Clearing Data and Cache

    1. Go to Settings > Apps. Tap All > Google Play Store then finally tap the Clear Cache button.
    2. Clear out your Play Store data
    3. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play services then tap the Clear Cache button and clear data as well.

    After clearing Google playstore cache and data, then open it.

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    Blazerwap still saying dsame tin not loading techno h6 plz help me

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    Firstly, Check if your time and date are correct.
    Secondly, check if your internet connection is good and kindly go to Settings>>mobile network>>access point and RESET TO DEFAULT.
    Thirdly, remove your Google account from playstore and relogin.

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    nice update

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    Nice 1.

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    chai!!! samsung family

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    Blazerwap still saying dsame tin not loading techno h6 plz help me

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    Ok then download playstore app on your Android Device by clicking here

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