The newly launched iPhone X also known as iPhone 10 was announced on September 12. The production cost is estimated at $412.75 which is 60% cheaper than the retail price after insider in China did an investigation on how much each components costs.

Meanwhile, the main price of the iPhone X is $999 which is closed to 356,000naira in Nigeria.

The expensive part is the Samsung 5.8 OLED Panel. It costs $80 per unit. Followed by the NAND Memory, acquired from Toshiba is $45 for 256GB while the 3GB is 24$.

The A11 Bionic Chipset built by TSMC on their 10 nm process technology, cost $26 per one chipset, while the modem plastered on is provided by Qualcomm. It costs $18 and more.

The 3D sensor costs $25 and is packed behind the glass on the front panel which is another $18.

Now, the total sum of the components amounts the sum of $412.75. You should also note that the price does not include the actual manufacturing, logistics and most importantly R&D costs.

Aside that, for Apple to manufacture iPhone X (10) at that amount, I wonder if they will actually make profit. What’s your say?

Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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