Apple Sued for IPhone 7 Plus and IPhone 8 Plus Cameras

The great Apple has been sued for Dual-lens camera technology by Coreophotonics – an Israeli maker of dual-lens camera technology.

The company filed a lawsuit in the US District Court of Northern California, where Apple is headquartered.

Coreophotonic claims that Apple is using its technology in iPhone 7 Plus and IPhone 8 Plus but didn’t mention the recently launched iPhone X in the filing.
The Israelis says they received a positive feedback and encouraging reports from Apple, but couldn’t reach a patent agreement or a license of any kind.

Meanwhile, Apple already knows about the patent but their “lead negotiators” said it would take years and even millions of dollars before reaching an agreement, a spokesman of Coreophotonic stated.

However, Corephotonics is seeking damages of an amount to be proven in a jury trial, and a permanent injunctive relief.

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