This is amazing. Vietnamese cyber security research firm, Bkav was able to crack and fool the Face ID for the second time using a more elaborate mask which cost about $150 in materials.

The face ID is a unique feature but was fooled with a 3D printed mask of the expert’s face made of stone powder. Infrared images of the person’s eyes were printed on paper and glued onto the facial model to trick the iPhone X’s infrared camera into thinking real eyes were looking at it.

Bkav was able to fool the Face ID within 5 attempts but the 5th attempt failed, the phone prompt for a manual passcode.

The Face ID was recommended by Bkav  for VIPs like National Leaders and high profile executives, should be caution about securing with Face ID. He also deems that Face ID is not “ secure enough to be used in business transactions. ” (I.e Apple pay).

You can watch the video below:

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