Hi Prexblog Fans! I’m Michael colony by name and am here to show you apps that can save your money. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, most of us own or have owned a smartphone in the past, and these little devices can do some pretty crazy stuff when equipped with the right app. One of the things that they can also do is help you save a considerable amount of money. They do this either by logging your expenses and letting you know when you’ve gone a bit overboard, or by locating current deals that you can take an advantage of.

Whatever it is, if you’re one of those people that think they simply spend more money than they should, I definitely recommend that you try to find a good money managing app to see where all that extra cash is going. There are many amazing apps out there that can fit this purpose, and today we’re going to be talking about some of the best ones, in my personal opinion.


This is definitely one of the most popular apps for saving money, because it’s capable of checking and tracking financial activity on any number of accounts you may possess. Every time you buy something or spend money on something the app will record it for future reference, and then make a pattern of your spending habits which you can analyze in detail. The app will also provide you with a graphic representation of your cash flow, helping you to better understand where your money is going. Overall, it’s a great app for monitoring your general finances and building good financial habits, so be sure to give it a try.

Bills Tracker

If you’re one of those people that tend to miss bill payments out of sheer forgetfulness, this is the perfect app for you. BillTracker allows you to effortlessly keep track of all your bills, their due dates and their amount totals. You can even input information about an upcoming bill and the app will remind you about it before it’s too late. The app comes bundled with a nifty little calendar on which you can clearly see which bills are coming up, so you never have to miss a payment again.


With more than six million downloads to-date, ShopKick is one of the most popular apps for saving money on the planet. ShopKick can provide you with a huge number of currently ongoing deals that you can use to save quite a bit of money on products that you use anyway. Some stores that Shopkick monitors are Macy’s, Best Buy and even Target (among others), so if you’re a regular shopper at one of these, Shopkick is what you need in your life. Additionally, by making a purchase through Shopkick or even just walking into stores, you get points within the app which you can eventually turn into gift cards. Pretty neat, right?


VPNs are often used for security purposes and when people want to bypass annoying geographical restrictions on certain websites, but did you know that they can also help you get some great deals on products that would otherwise be more expensive? It’s very simple, actually; certain shopping websites can actually charge you differently than someone in another part of the world, in other words your price is decided by where you live. With a VPN, you can fool the website into thinking you’re browsing from a different location, and therefore you can potentially get access to lower prices. So if you want to take advantage of this, grab a great VPN such as ExpressVPN mobile and give it a try; you’ll find that there are quite a number of amazing deals out there that you don’t have access to simply because you don’t live in the right part of the world.


An app for digital coupons that supports hundreds upon hundreds of grocery stores. SavingStar can link to your store loyalty cards and provide you with virtual coupons that you can use in the store, and after managing to save just $5 through coupons, you’ll actually start earning money. The app is available for both iOS and Android, and best of all it’s absolutely free, so you should definitely check it out.


Michael Conley is a 35-year-old digital security specialist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has been writing for 9to5alternatives.com since 2013. Besides computer programming, his passions in life are winemaking, old movies and playing the saxophone.

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