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Are You A Blogger And You Need An App For Your Blog Or Website? See Solution!

Yea! You might need an app for your blog because is the best and important thing to have on your blog or website in order to keep your users and audience engaged and will also bring thousands of traffics back to you. Nowadays, many people do not prefer using browser anymore and to keep those type of people updated, you need an application.

To create an application is very simple and easy using which is a free online application maker. It has a simple interface and will enable you create your Apps easily without paying a dime. So lets go on.

How To Create An App Using Appyet

  • Firstly, go to and sign up.
  • After that, you can then login and tap on CREATE APP.
  • Then in the next page, you will have to fill the ftoms which are (application name, version code, package name, application icon, header image) and tap on SAVE CHANGES.

  • Then navigate to MODULES and add all the options you like (latest updates, web tutorials …..). For users to redirect to your blog, you will have to scroll down and tap on FEED then add it to the modules.

  • After that, navigate to SETTINGS and set up your application the way you like. Then navigate to THEMES and add up any theme colors you like with the default (black and white).
  • After that, navigate to BUILD and scroll down then tap on SUBMIT TO BUILD.

  • Wow! You have successfully created an app so you will receive the app file via your email address you used to SIGN up on Appyet.
  • You can now download it and extract it with Es explorer and upload to your blog readers or on playstore.

Addition: If you want to hire me to do the job for you, kindly mail me via You can also mail me to create a different app without using this method for your blog, website, for PC and others.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog February 4, 2017

    Try performing to task and above and come back to drop your username you used in following us on twitter and Facebook.

    Thanks and stay updated!

  2. kolawole tobi kolawole tobi February 4, 2017

    I don't have twitter account let me see what to do about rating

  3. Anonymous Anonymous February 4, 2017

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous February 4, 2017

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Olabiyi Malik Olabiyi Malik February 4, 2017

    Have do all those things
    Have liked ur Facebook page my username is malik Olabiyi olamilekan

    Have followed u on twitter @malik Olabiyi

    Have rate ur appps :- my username Olabiyi Malik

    So tell me how to create a apps through my gmail account:-

    Thank u .

  6. Ehi joshua Ehi joshua February 4, 2017

    Hi u are invited to Nigeria's No. 1 Classified $ posting site Sell anything for free with a simple click and find buyers all over Nigeria.

  7. Olabiyi Malik Olabiyi Malik February 11, 2017

    Pls sir I open my app at appyet and they have not send me the link to download it I have checked my spam under my gmail account I did find it pls help me

  8. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog February 11, 2017

    Just go back to your Appyet panel and tap on BUILD then wait for it to show SUCCESS by refreshing your browser after 30secs

    So you can now go back to your mail and get it especially via the SPAM BOX.

  9. Olabiyi Malik Olabiyi Malik February 11, 2017

    Ok thanks it works
    How will I put it on playstore and will I pay to put it on playstore

  10. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog February 12, 2017

    That's another tutorial you will have to wait for and to put an app on playstore attracts money.

  11. Olabiyi Malik Olabiyi Malik February 12, 2017

    Pls how will I add my site on it the way u do it

    I mean the first page to meet when open ur app.

  12. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog February 12, 2017

    Go to MODULES then scroll down…you will see FEED : BLOGGER then tap it and insert your blog URL then ADD MODULES.

  13. Olabiyi Malik Olabiyi Malik February 12, 2017

    No that is not what i mean

    i mean ur homepage the main one not ur post

    i mean the way your blog look like when vew through browsers

  14. goodluck okereke goodluck okereke February 20, 2017

    precious, pls how did u added those beautiful icons in your app

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