Authentic Reason Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Skipped the 9 Version

Have you one day ever wondered why some technology products made such as Windows, Apple, and BlackBerry avoid or skips the 9 version? This article will definitely show and enlighten you on the reason.

Some example to that question is the Microsoft windows software that went from 7 to 8 but skipped 9 version and jumped to windows 10. The Apple products that skipped the 9 version in the series and jumped from iPhone 8 to iPhone 10 (X). Lastly, BlackBerry also skipped BB9 to BB10.

Why does this happen? What’s the cause and reason(s) technology products made always skipped the 9 version? You shall know about it via this article.

Reason why the 9 version is always skipped

The main and major reason why the 9 is skipped is due to the marketing and perception of a particular culture where goods and products are being marketed. Meaning, to sell products across multiple cultures, the rule of the game is to understand those cultures and their superstitions.

In the West, the number “13” means bad luck and you are not likely to see Windows 13 or iPhone 13 in the future. Also, in countries like Korean, Japan and China, the number “4” is synonym of “death” and who will be happy to buy death? That’s why Nokia avoid the phone they ship to that region.

So, back to the topic. The number “9” is a curse word in Chinese and a synonym for suffering, agony or torture in Japanese. That’s why Apple and other products skipped the 9 version (cursed word).

Without doing this, nobody will buy their product from that region because nobody will like to buy a cursed word. So, with the consumer public, perception is a strong factor.

What’s your say concerning this?


  1. Samsung Says Their Foldable Smartphone is Coming… in 2018

    The battle for smartphone innovation continues. Last week, ahead of the anticipated unveiling of the new iPhone X, Samsung announced plans for a foldable smartphone.

    Samsung first showcased a flexible display prototype called Youm in 2013. Since there, rumors of an announcement of the Samsung Galaxy X have circulated.
    This week, however, the brand officially unveiled its plans for the release of its first foldable smartphone.

    Samsung’s president of mobile business, Koh Dong-jin, said the company is eyeing a 2018 release for upcoming smartphone.

    However, he said there are several hurdles they have to overcome, leaving room to push back the release if the problems have not been resolved.
    “As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year,” he told reporters. “When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.”

    Dong-jin did not ellaborate on the problems, but experts said mass-producing a foldable phone with top industry features will take time to develop.

    Furthermore, he said Samsung is working with audio brand Harman to develop an artificial intelligence-enabled speaker that allows users to speak in order to execute commands like playing music.

    Further details are currently unknown. Stay tuned…

  2. Yet football fans from these regions buy jersey no 9 of their favourite players. It's a lame excuse quite honestly and definitely can't be official.

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