Best Apps Used For Sending Anonymous Text Messages

You can now send anonymous text messages by hiding your identity without allowing the receiver to know your true self. Yea! Everything is now computerized and Technology has made the world an easier place to dwell by just typing, clicking and using the mouse, your message can be delivered immediately or seconds no matter where your receiver is residing.

Moreover, one of the most popular way to send message is Bulk SMS which a particular text message can be sent to many recipients at a time. So in this article, you will see the best five (5) Apps for sending anonymous text messages.

Best 5 Apps For Sending Anonymous Text Messages

1. SNAPCHATThis  is a popular social media photo sharing app which uses a dedicated camera app used for sending short video clip that disappear shortly. It can also be used to send anonymous text or SMS messages to at least 140 characters. This works on Android Devices.

2. BUBBLE – This is also one of the popular app that allows users to send anonymous text messages and it is also believed for sharing thoughts anonymously with any one or even your friends and families. It is available for Android and iOS users which means you can get the app on Appstore and Google playstore.

3. MUSTACHE ANONYMOUS TEXTING – This app can be used to send jokes and text messages to friends and colleagues anonymously and it works well on tablets that do not have sim cards. Though, the five (5) first messages are free of charge but others are not free as you will have to pay for per SMS. The app is available on playstore.

4. YIK YAK – This wonderful Apps allows users to send prank messages without revealing the sender’s identity and it works well using GPS. So, when you switch on your location, you will be able communicate with people in your environment.

5. NONAME – With this app, you will be able to meet people without fear as you will remain anonymous even your location.

These Apps are wonderful in such a way that you will be able to prank your friends by hiding your identity.

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