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Best Commentator Competition Starts Now For This Month Of March

By this time last month, the month that prexblog came into existence, was just new and with no improvement but through the assistant of the best commentators of last month particularly, from the competitors called Ebenko real and Bright, this blog started growing gradually. I really appreciated that.

So this month of March will be another month to compete for the golden reward from prexblog official. The best commentators has started again and three people are on their way, winning it and these people are BRIGHT, EBENCO REAL and BADMUS ADEBAYO.

For this month, I will only reward one person and when I have started running adsense on this blog, I will then start rewarding many people at the same time.

So it’s never too late to join.



    commenting from NUELTECH.COM

  2. yusuf

    But what happened to blazerwap?

  3. may d best commentator win

  4. hmmm I'm ready… admin what are the benefits of AdSense in a blog like prexblog

  5. Competition start now

  6. Tnx bro with the latest update u are giving us Admin of http://Techpaded.NetXid.Com

  7. Together we'll make it grow Mr Prex. Keep up your good work. Wish to see you among top tech bloggers cos you've always been good.

  8. Bro this AdSense help a lot and we have it but for
    nothing coz we lack traffic

  9. I don't see any reason why ads is not running on ur blog

  10. qualified but Google said this blog is too new because the day I opened this blog was the day I applied for adsense. So it must be at least 3months before I can reapply.

  11. Ha…you need to build your traffics.

  12. you will/and must surely get der as d prexident of blog!!!!!!

  13. 3 months huh? not too far…

  14. I pray this ur Adsense go last.. So dat this blog wil last.. Prexy keep it up

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