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Best Commentators In The Month Of March, Take Your Reward Now! has decided to reward the best commentators on this blog in the month of March. Prexblog was created on February 1st, 2017 and it has been growing wonderfully through the help of everyone who takes his or her time to read my articles but those who comment most will be rewarded at this time.

The best commentators in the month of March are Badmus Adebayo, Ebenco Real, Bright and abdulrahman yusuf. Wow! Last month, it was just only two people but  now, four people won it! Congratulations!

I know the amount that I would have paid but till adsense run on this blog before I will start paying that that of money.

So, you can now drop your bank account numbers and details in the comment box, if only you are among those who won the best commentators of

Without everyone! No prexblog! It’s never too late to become one of the best commentators of prexblog!


  1. Thanks bro we really appreciated ur hard work ,remains blessed

  2. Let me hear y'all say together we make it grow. Keep up the good work Prex.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I will send it today. Be expecting it later.

  5. Wema bank
    Wema acct name ojo Ebenezer o account number 0231083036

  6. I can only say d sky is the limit for prexblog,keep soaring high….
    Nasir Rafiat Bolatito

  7. Send me another bank details

  8. Shebi am allowed to use robot to comment?

  9. Don't use anonymous because I Won't know if is you. Just use your Gmail to connect.

  10. OK send it to d 1 I give U last month….@prexblog official

  11. admin send it to the one I sent to you via 2go… my username is brightstar398 if u can still remember… thanks .keep it up… no offence o… but you said this month is going to have just one commentator… what made you change your mind?

  12. afraid you might lose some of the best commentator if you reward just one commentator?

  13. Yes ooo, I suppose to give one Commentator but when I saw that many people has joined the competition, I then decided to share the money to everyone because others will be agree with me and might leave this blog.

  14. Bank name:first bank
    acct No: 3108079277

  15. Pls if uve send it let me know Cos dat sista is desperate…..
    Thank U Ese fan!!!!!!

  16. laughing out loud!! hahahaha… that's the truth sha… that might have been possible…. nice thinking

  17. Nice one Prex, I wish u blessing upon blessing IJN, I wish I could b one of dose who get d reward

  18. As prexident send It…….

  19. as prexident send it….

  20. Successfully received. Thank Prex.

  21. oga prex,av u send it, I neva c alert oo

  22. I will send it on the 3th of April. Please bear with me.

  23. oga prex,did u c ma acct number I dropped

  24. oga prex,if u av sent it pls lemme know oo

  25. Yea I av seen it…just cool, I will send it.

  26. Well-done my man, I have to start it in my blog, best commentator will receive reward

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