Best Commentators Of Prexblog Now Listed For Payment

Being the first blog to start the commenting system which feature was suggested by one of our greatest fans who still uses anonymous form in commenting, will consistently reward users whoever won the best commentating game.

Some prexbloggers might have asked why I refused to pay up for the last month price which was all because of the style of commenting but am so very happy this month as all the best commentators of Prexblog upgraded their style of commenting to be more arranged, relevant, perfect and well constructed. Without you, no prexbloggers as well as the daily visitors.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons why I didn’t pay last month best commentating was my about my sudden relocation and I think some commentators could attest to that and banks aren’t that close to my newly based area. I mean not all banks of the prexbloggers.

So, the best commentators of the month are;


Due to my recent relocation and my school coming exam, I only want you guys to drop your FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA, SKYE BANK and FCMB account details below in the comment system and the money will be deposited on the 22nd of this month which is July. This is immediately after AdSense pay up and this best commentators game might not played next Month till I update you guys here on Prexblog.

Keep it up because you might not know my future decision!


  1. I didn't miss any post and am not among. I am not even sleeping all because I want to be crowned. I bought data to download d prexblog app and also looking for a chance to come online to contribute to d discussion here but all efforts to succeed are turned down. This hurt but what would do to it. Gonna accept my faith. God knows best… Wish my padi and others best of luck… Its unbelievable dou…

  2. I'm suprise am not among…despite all my effort to make a genuine comment not to miss a single post.
    i guess mr prex is picking those with highest number of comment not BEST…..CONGRAT TO ALL THE WINNERS

  3. I don't reward more than 5 people because this is just a game and I have a programmed widget that tells the best commentators.

    I reward base on quality of comments not numbers of comment and some of prexbloggers could attest to the previous way it was rewarded.

    If I reward more than 5, I won't be able to meet my target. So, is a game!

    That's the rule of the game. Am sorry!

  4. congrats to d lucky winners…..really busy these past months and oga prex how do u handle blogging and schooling 2gether bcuz u are looking at a future blogger but school has really been hectic, in fact no spare time at all

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