Best Commentators Of Prexblog Should Receive Their Rewards

Sometimes, looking at the best commentators comments looks so frustrating to me, especially those with comments like “HELPFUL”, “TANX”, ” THANKS FOR UPDATE “, THANKS PREXBLOG”, “THANKS FOR THIS” and the worst of all that’s making me go frustrated are those dropping comments in 5 or 10 places with not less than 5 words.

Hello prexbloggers, I don’t reward base on the numbers of comments but only the quality comments that corresponds with the topic. I reward base on quality comments and to be the best commentator, you have to apply these features to your comments;

  • A Commentator has to drop comments that corresponds with the topic.
  • A Commentator has to drop comments that help people or even reply people with best solution.
  • One quality comment on a post is helpful not flooding it with same short meaningless comments.
  • A Commentator has to read the post before dropping a comment.

My review for this month commentators

GODPOWER OGAGA – His comments are wonderful and it always correspond with the topics and he has won the best commentator.

BRIGHT – His comments are sometimes long and meaningful but too much flooding. Try to drop one quality comment on a post to attract other visitors comments.

EBENCO REAL – His comments are not good at all but he is always the first to comment and he is one of the best social media fans of prexblog as he shares all topics to others. Try to always drop quality comments not short meaningless comments.
ABDULRAHMAN YUSUF – His comments are sometimes good  but not good enough and flooding is too much.
OLALEKAN 0OLATUNDE – He keeps flooding the comment system excessively and the comments are not higher than “Taxn 4 D Update”. However, try to upgrade your way of comment. You are trying.

Names Of Best Commentators According To Their Comments

1. Godpower Ogaga won!
2. Abdulrahman Yusuf won!
3. Bright won!
4. Ebenco Real won!

Now, we had the best commentators with quality comments and other commentators should upgrade their comment style. Without you guys, no prexblog and I love that!

Keep blazing!


  1. Precious Agbontan aka (C.E.O of prexblog) so what u are telling me is that I am flooding the comment section with appreciation like (thanks for the update) so I should not thank u again when I knew ur post is useful and helpful a times, u also said u dont think I read d articles before posting , I dont think its cool to say such statement to ur die hard fan, anyway all is well

  2. Just like this comment you drop….is very good and it really make you to drop your mind….that's the type of comment i like….

    You tried very well and because of that, I have something for you via my inbox…. This article above is based on my review I noticed not that am trying to bring you down or that I don't love you…I also abuse others…if you look properly….

    Now, come to my inbox

  3. Hahahah��@olaleakan�� chai I Chigozie Atuegbu brought this comment rewarding of thing to Blazer's notice but am left behind cos am still battling with this “Unknown Google user account” whenever I want to comment with my gmail address Blazer that's why you always read my comments with Anonymous.

  4. Chai…na Google dey fuck us up..they not wan change this their comment system even normal phone users can't comment here…on this blog…

    Your comment is superb….very long and good but you don't comment regularly that's why you where not able to win the best commentator.

  5. such like thanks for the update nice articles is bad for comment rite cos u said all my comment is bad frown mood?! *All my comments is bad* base on reply on other people comments I can do dat cos d page keep reloading!!! so No P

  6. You started in the middle of the month and my Widget that calculate all comments shows that you didn't win…after all, there are more than 10 best commentators but I only reward 4 and that's what I does…I don't reward more than 4 people….

    EBENCO Real has been commenting right from the beginning of the month and he won it….same with others that started with him.

  7. this your comment you dropped is OK for a post…not dropping it like 10 Times in a post….let normal users do that….not a best commentator because best commentators are like administrator of a website….

    Thanks…I reviewed everybody comment not only 1….is because I want PREXBLOG to improve that's y….don't you know my Commentators can even be my administrator..?

    One of my formal best commentators is now my YouTube page administrator…

    So I love all my Commentators….I don't do cheating… Those who win has won and those who doesn't win will begin again next Month… Thats the rule of the game…..

    I don't look person eye to reward….

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