Best Commentators Of The Month Has Started On Prexblog For The Month Of February

I am very happy for the prexbloggers, especially the way they added full efforts to promote this blog ( from the beginning and from the day it was launched 1st of february 2017. I will admit that without you all, no prexblog. So that’s why i have decided to start this best commentators competition earlier in order to reward the overall winner. Meanwhile, i am already seeing some of my fans whose names are BRIGHT, KOLAWOLE TOBI and ABDULSALAM IBRAHIM and i will say ‘keep it up‘.

Prexblog Best Commentators

Ibrahim has won this competition thrice while Kolawole tobi has also won this competition once and i think Bright has almost outrank them this month with his wonderful comments as well. As you all know me, i don’t reward with recharge cards but through bank account and if you don’t have any, it means you can’t be paid or rewarded.

To summarize this topic, this is just to alert all prexbloggers that our Best commentators competition has commenced from this month.

Thank you prexbloggers and always stay updated for more browsing solutions, website tutorials and  phones with desktop reviews.

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    Wow thanks let the competition begin

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    This comment has been removed by the author.

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    I'm nw an addict of dis blog. I guez, I'mma b on the list.

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    this comment is waiting for approval

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    Lol… Let it begin

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    wow!!! I hope to be participator

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    das gud from the prexident of blog gbayii!!!

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    Nice blog

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