Best commenter for the month of April revealed for payment has been progressing greatly, since the three best commenter are actually focused on their daily work to make this great website dominate and truly, we’re becoming it.

We started very small but gradually, we are becoming what we really dreamed of. However, the best commenter game is mainly to reward the person who has the best comments on monthly basis.

I was able to find three best people who keeps giving out their best and quality comments on every articles on this blog and they are the best commenter of the month of April, 2018. They are Ayo Ade, Harun Khalid Adeiza and Zayyad.

They all know the price I give for now, so you guys should comment and drop your FIRST BANK, UBA, STERLING BANK and FCMB bank account. Let me start making the transfer.

It’s never too late to join the best commenter of Prexblog. We don’t reward based on quantity of your comments but the quality.

Rules of Best Commenter

1. Do not thank the admin for posting an article, like “Thanks for the info”, “Thanks for review”, “Thanks” and all sorts of that. Try to drop a comment that correlates with the article because I don’t know you.

2. Use a name for commenting or if possible, add an avatar. Do not comment with anonymous in order for me to recognise your comments.

3. We reward based on how useful and quality your comments are and not based on how many comments you drop. If you like drop 100 comments, a person with just 5 quality comments can win.

So, it’s not too late to join them!


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