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Best Commenter in the month of January now revealed for payment

In this month of January, the best commenter of Prexblog will be rewarded with cash. Since the announcement of rewarding the best commenter, I have seen numbers of people dishing out their amazing comments and wow! I really love it.

The people nominated are: Haruna Mustorpha, Harun Khalid Adeiza, Bright, Ayo Ade and Ismail Hassan.

They all tried but according to my best commenter rules in my previous post, I said that; “only 1 person will be rewarded” for this month.

So, the final winner is “Harun Khalid Adeiza” and he will be rewarded with N2,000 cash to his bank account.

You guys tried and work hard for it, I won’t just ignore the others. So, the other best commenter will receive N500 recharge card to their various networks.

I will start the payment from 1st of February, 2018.

Becareful! There are many fake people that will drop their details to impersonate you. Kindly comment like this:

  • Put the website URL you always use when commenting.
  • Put the email address you always use when commenting.
  • Put the name you always use when commenting.
  • Then send me your bank account (Harun Khalid Adeiza) and others should send me their phone numbers.

Note: The final winner only receives the award next time and it’s never too late to join the best commenter.


  1. Haruna Mustorpha Haruna Mustorpha January 30, 2018

    That’s nice… @Bro Harun Khalid Adeiza! Congratulations . Good job! Thank you so much @admin this is my number, . MTN 08142879433. That’s my great brother.

  2. Bright Bright January 30, 2018

    congrat bro. 081 4878 4030

  3. Ismail Hassan Ismail Hassan January 30, 2018

    Congrat..! Gush! I will be the next one to win next time. Thanks bro.. This is my number 08032935775

  4. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza January 30, 2018

    That’s Amazing!!! I made it!! I am so excited about this info.. Thank you so much dear admin, i thank the rest of my brothers and @bro mustorpha, thank you for everything.

    This is my account number. 0215898071. Gtbank. Harun Khalid Adeiza.

    God bless you!

  5. Trice Trice January 30, 2018

    You can also receive Monthly rewards on blog comments.

  6. Rholex Haris Rholex Haris January 30, 2018

    Congrats to those that win…..
    More grace and favour to your elbow Mr Precious.
    Much love coming from TECHZBOT.COM

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | January 30, 2018

      You’re welcome bro..nice blog over there.

  7. Ayo ade Ayo ade January 30, 2018

    Thanks bro. 08149756603, really appreciated

  8. Haruna Mustorpha Haruna Mustorpha February 1, 2018

    Woow! Very happy !
    Just received my Airtime! Thanks to
    God bless you!!!

  9. Ayo ade Ayo ade February 1, 2018

    Got mine. Thanks brush, God bless.

  10. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza February 1, 2018

    But bro..
    I have not seen mine yet o! Just wanna remind you!
    My Boss!

  11. Ismail Hassan Ismail Hassan February 1, 2018

    Thanks! Just received mine..
    Thanks a lot

  12. TARIB nuhu TARIB nuhu February 4, 2018

    Is time to join the game

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