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Best commenters of Prexblog in the month of April now revealed for instant payment

We have been doing this and we know how long and how the feature is contributing to the success of this blog. It was a game but on a clearer view, it’s turning to something more profitable and that’s why I had to use every chance to reward those in the work.

Instead of staying idle without doing anything, you can join the club and be a partaker of the reward. It’s never too late.

Those that commented last month, throughout April, I’ll have to admit that they really tried with the long and unique comments that was frequently flowing over the comment section. Some even provide assistance to the visitor’s comments. You all did great but there is always the best commenter.

In the last month of April, the best commenters are Harun Khalid Adeiza, followed by Marveln, Ayo Ade and lastly, Hassan.

You guys should send me your First Bank account by commenting below with the details you use in commenting in order for others not to impersonate your identity to fraudulently claim your reward.

It’s never too late to join!


  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza May 1, 2018

    Woow ❤ amazing ! Highly appreciated sir @admin.. God bless you more for this your reliability. Thanks

    Sanni Hadiza Eneyami
    Acct 3117450289
    First Bank.

  2. Adeyera Adeyemi Adeyera Adeyemi May 2, 2018

    What a nice way of promoting ones effort. I really like it,even though am a bit jealous.
    Congrats to the earners. You worth it.

  3. Michael Michael May 2, 2018

    We die here as from today

  4. Marveln Marveln May 2, 2018

    Yaaaaay thanks admin. New month gift. It’s my first time here. Can I use gtb or any other bank?

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | May 2, 2018

      Any other bank will be difficult for me right here in school.

      • Marveln Marveln May 2, 2018

        Ok I’ll send a friend’s own

          • Marveln Marveln May 3, 2018

            None of them a using firstbank. Can i redeem as airtime sorry for stressing you. Airtel-08025714611. Thank you

  5. Ayo Ade Ayo Ade May 2, 2018

    Awesomee admin.Ayo Adeboye 3120261728 dBm. Thanks @admin

  6. hassan hassan May 5, 2018

    Pls admin am sorry for sending it so late here is the my friend first bank account number 3067020666,abbas ciroma muawuya, firstbank

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