Best Commenters of Prexblog Now Rewarded with Cash

All best commenters have been rewarded successfully with cash based on their effort and activeness on this blog.

The payment method still remains bank transfer. Every prexbloggers activeness are always track and this activeness depends on how they comment on prexblog.

To become one of Prexblog best commenters, you should always drop long unique comments on prexblog articles. Always make your comments unique and avoid comments like “Nice articles”, ” Nice one”. All best commenters comments should always correlate with the article.

Without prexbloggers, no prexblog and without you all, no prexblog. I am very happy to celebrate this day again with the best commenters and this had given me great joy.

Best commenters of Prexblog are: 

  • Ebenco Real (Male)
  • Pretty Lorenzo (Female)
  • Meeky Bash (Male)
  • Bright (Male)

All the name above are of those who won the best commenters of Prexblog and they have been paid successfully.

I don’t reward based on the numbers of your comments but about the uniqueness of your comments and my rewards doesn’t based on monthly basis.

As for now, I’m sighting two best commenters who are doing well. Their names are: Hassan and Whizzy boy. If they improve their way of commenting, they might win it the next time.

Is never too late to join!


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