Best Commenters of Prexblog Revealed for Payment

Since last month, I have been watching the people who never pass through my articles without contributing on it. Not only comment, but interesting and engaging comments that sometimes helps visitors of this blog. In other word, I will call them an ardent reader of this blog.

Three people shocks and surprised me with their comments and as at that case, they will be rewarded for the nice work. However, you should take note that I don’t reward monthly or based on the number of your comments but on how tough and engaging your comments has added to people’s lives.

We forbids comments like “Nice work”, “Good”, “Nice admin” and those short words that does not have meaning or in any way, correlate with the topic from a best commenter. Write a comment that is attractive and help others.

Moreover, the best commenters of Prexblog watched from last month till date are:


Those are the three best commenter of Their comments are always on point and another best commenter am currently sighting is CHIDOWSKI but keep it up, you might win it next time.

The best commenters listed above should drop their bank account details in the comment system below and they will be paid on the 25th of next month, October via bank transfer.

Is never too late to join!


  1. …just received a notification there I went to check,lo and behold it's a post from Mr prex… On clicking and reading it I saw my name on the list… so happy.

    God bless you CEO higher and higher will you soar.


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