We have been doing this for a whole month and not only a month, but months. It’s gently approaching a year to be precise, and fortunately, it’s absolutely working well for us.

If you are an ardent or regular user who reads and follows Prexblog.com updates, you would notice a short and sudden silence on the website. We have not posted for almost a week due to server issue. However, it cost me a fortune but thanks to God that it was fixed.

I supposed to have not reward any user for this month but I have to. So, according to our installed algorithm, those who won the Best Commenter game are:

  • Harun Khalid Adeiza (First winner)
  • Ayo Ade (Second winner)
  • Marveln (Third winner)
  • Hassan (Fourth winner)
  • Hassaini (bonus)

Note: First, second, third and fourth winner should send me their bank account, while Hassaini should send me his PHONE NUMBER with the network he use.

These guys tried a lot to make this place what it is today. Moreover, it’s never too late to join!

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