Beware Of Dvmap Virus: The First Malware With Code Injector

The malware name might looks strange to you but bear with me that is very dangerous and is the first malware with code injector. This malware was also called Trojan by Kaspersky Lab products because it insert its modules into the system and injects malicious code into the system runtime libraries.

We all know Google playstore as the most trusted place where Android users installs trusted and malware-free applications but this Trojan or Dvmap malware injects malicious code into the system libraries in runtime, and up to 50,000 people downloaded it. Luckily, that Kaspersky Lab reported the Trojan to Google, and it has now been removed from the store.

How The Trojan Or Dvmap Works

The Trojan used a very interesting method and technique to bypass the Google Playstore security check by uploading a clean app to the store at the end of March, 2017, and would then update it with a malicious version for short period of time. Usually they would upload a clean version back on Google Play the very same day. They did this at least 5 times between 18 April and 15 May.

All the malicious Dvmap apps had the same functionality. They decrypt several archive files from the assets folder of the installation package, and launch an executable file from them with the name “start.”

Since it injects a malicious code in the library, you won’t be able to get update on Google playstore but rather installing different versions of malware.

How To Prevent Your Phone From The Malware

Do not download files (musics, videos, games and others) from untrusted sites. If your phone is affected, kindly factory reset your phone or Install a new firmware.

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    Thanks for this wonderfully update about trojan, for saving our phone_from it!!

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    thanks for the awareness. what do these people want. they should just stop.

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    This is a very helpful post….
    Some1 cannot browse in peace again…thanks for the gist

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    Factory reset can never remove a malware only flashing of firmware can……I wonder why some people are having Antivirus on there phones…. It is as useless as poo

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    thanks 4 warning us,anyway oga prex what is d main reason why any sensible person will just think of uploading a virus online?

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    I am seeing the type of virus for the first time. Ah ds type of virus is very bad

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    Who could have uploaded this to destroy people's phone. This is a bad act honestly. Thanks for providing solution

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    Who created this virus, this is evil, thanks for the solution prex

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    Nice update, keep it up

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    This is a helpful information to keep you phone safe, keep it up prex.

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