Beware of this cloned IPhone 7 Plus that is being sold online

OLX is a classified platform or a global online market, operating in 45 countries but has been turned to a place where people sells fake and cloned products to their fellow buyers.

A man narrate his ordeal in a forum of how he bought a fake and cloned iPhone 7 Plus of N40,000, for the sum of N165,000 online on OLX.

He said that, he saw an iPhone 7 Plus being put for sale at the price of N165,000 on OLX, he decided to order for it and after successful purchase, he later discovered that it was an Android IPhone that’s being sold at the price of N40,000 at Ilorin after he made a research.

See the chat:

See the Fake and cloned Android IPhone sold as IPhone 7 Plus online


Whenever you want to purchase a phone online especially on OLX or other classified mobile market, try to go with a person who knows about a phone in order not to fall victim of those who sells counterfeit and cloned phones.

And also, do not be greedy, the price of the phone will as well show the signal because you can’t expect iPhone 7 Plus to be sold at a very low price except it is faulty. Additionally, you can also use an escrow to avoid the stories that touches the heart.


  1. Thanks God I am not an iPhone fans.. I don’t even like that device just like that lol. But if you dish me one.. I will not hesitate to collect it lol ! Everyone should just be careful if you are a phone dealer. Thanks for reviewing this information.

  2. Huh Okay dear admin! Thanks for reviewing this information.. It’s really helpful indeed. Everyone of should get aware of this.. Many clones are now available in the market..

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