Recently, NCC reacts over the alleged reports spreading fast online over the preferred bidder anointed to acquire 9mobile, which date was fixed for Globacom to buy 9mobile but Glo also speaks against the alleged information.

So, the NCC – Nigeria Communications Commission has said that the new deadline to conclude bidding for the acquisition of 9mobile is January 16th 2018 as against the former date, December 13th 2017.

In a statement on Friday, the Director, Public Affairs of NCC, Mr Tony Ojobo said that the extension was because there had not been any preferred bidder for the acquisition of 9Mobile in a statement on Friday.

Ojobo said that an approval of the request for extension of time by the 9Mobile Interim Board was given by the two regulators, NCC and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

He said that the approval set the deadline for the receipt of biding offers from the prospective bidders till Jan. 16, 2018.
So, this actually means that there’s no telecom operator or company that has been anointed to acquire 9mobile and therefore, the said date is for the bidding deadline and not the day it will be handover to the winner who will own 9mobile.

According to Ojobo, the new owner will first apply to NCC, in order to commence the processes for securing the regulatory approvals necessary for full effects of the transfer.

What’s your say about this?

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