Brian Acton, Co-founder of WhatsApp wants you to delete and leave Facebook

Following the latest scandal of Facebook’s alleged indirect involvement in the US Elections of 2016, Brian Acton – the Co-founder of WhatsApp, has declared it is time for you to leave Facebook.

Cambridge Analytica – a data mining and analytic firms, misused Facebook user data in violation of Facebook’s guidelines and terms, leading to huge scandal.

The data misused played a huge role in influencing voters in the 2016 US Election to favour Donald Trump.

Mark Zuckerbeg, CEO of Facebook, silence has been troubling as many in the technology community turned their attention to him.

In the past two weeks, the scandal has lead to a big drop in Facebook stock value. This has reportedly made some investors to sue Facebook over the stock price drop.

In the light of prolonging the controversy, Brian Acton voiced his opinion on Twitter that people should “Delete their Facebook accounts”, saying “Delete and Forget. It’s time to care about privacy.”

Brian Acton Tweet
Brian Acton Tweet about deleting Facebook account for privacy

Meanwhile, Brian Acton left WhatsApp earlier this year. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $22 billion which led to his $5.5 billion net worth.

As Facebook mistake has caused a huge scandal on ground, I think he need support, do you think is right for Brian Acton to voice out that opinion?


  1. I can’t just believe this information.. Facebook misused data, even if it’s true, they should just figure out a way to get everything done! All hands should be on desk.

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